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101 or crash course lessons for learner riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Markus_15, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Hey, would like to know what is your view, experience or advice for new riders. Should they go for a 2 to 3 day crash course or get 101 training with a licensed instructor? I guess each case may have advantages and disadvantages?

  2. In NSW the training cost was only $88 over 2 half days for a total of 7 hours pre-learner course.

    It is heavily subsidised by the government and there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't book a course to try given the bike rentals and insurance are included if you are interested in riding.

    private one on one costs in excess of $100 per hour and rental bikes on top in Harts.
  3. What is your past experience?
    • Off Road bikes?
    • Ridden a Pushie?
    • Driven a Manual car?
    • Are you reasonably co-ordinated?
  4. Depends on your confidence to be honest. I assume you have completed the L's course? If so I'd just hit some local car parks or quiet streets and just practice, nothing can beat it.
  5. Would have to disagree, while practice will make perfect, if you don't know what you're doing you can perfect a lot of bad habits. You'll be able to ride, sure, but getting some expert advice up front will get you practicing the right stuff snd should ultimately make you a better rider. Esp how to corner effectively, correct braking etc.
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  6. I agree. There are plenty of things taught in Q-Ride that I would never work out until I find myself scratching my head/helmet wondering how to pick the bike up. Plus all the safety nuances, like shoulder checks, that are driven into you to become habit may not be learned just by lapping the local Coles carpark.
  7. I agree here. I got my L's and rode for a couple of months. Then got a couple of hours worth of private lessons at HART which were well worth it. Was told/taught proper techniques and corrected bad techniques i had. Now a case of going out there and practicing, if I dont do something well (eg take a corner badly) i know where Ive gone wrong based on what i learnt in the lessons.