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1995 Virago XV1100cc

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  1. ametha elf submitted a new showcase item:

    1005 Virago XV1100cc

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  2. No photos??
  3. There should be 3 photos downloaded!! ?
  4. All good can see them now :D

    After having i think 5 viragos over the years I have a soft spot for them :)
  5. Same here, I wish they were still made. This is my 3rd Virago, so I am definately hooked on them. :)
  6. Yes throw a 6th gear in them and a bigger tank they would be perfect!!!

    IMO, yamaha went down hill with the replacement, certainly looked asethicaly better but less power and handling is nothing close to the virago.

    Such a long model run that they shouldnt have stopped, just refined :)
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