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1000km service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by greenfolder, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. my new honda cbf250 has reached 1000kms. do i really need to get it serviced?

  2. the service is important.

    whether you do it or pay someone else to do it is not.

    the most vital thing is the oil change, i'll leave it to others to explain why
  3. Nope. just buy another bike in a few months time. :p
  4. Yep, very important service (for any vehicle).

    When i eventually get my bike (damn Kawasaki) i will do an oil and filter change at 100km's and 500km's before the 1000km's free dealer service.
  5. Uh OK then.

    In a new engine, the oil becomes contaminated by fine partcles of metal released during the running-in process. These get pumped round the engine and can cause damage/wear, so it needs to be removed.

    An oil change also helps flush out any bits of dirt/spanners/small children etc left in the engine during assembly or from transport/storage.

    The first service allows the dealer to check the bike and fix up any loose fasteners etc as everything beds down and they hopefully spot any problems missed at the pre-delivery inspection.

    If the bike is new, skipping the service may void your warranty. If doing yourself keep receipts etc as evidence.
  6. Just change the oil and oil filter yourself.
  7. Be a bit careful. I think they they use a special oil for break in.
  8. There should be a lot more to a first service than just changing oil and filter. Seriously, if you believe that's all there is to it, just skip it and start saving for your next bike now.
    DOn't skip the first service, it's probably teh most critical one.
    There is also absolutely no need to change oil at 100km either, it is truly pointless.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Why? Are you saying if you don't take it to the dealer to get it serviced it will blow up? lol
  10. I believe Andrew is referring to the fact that the first service they *should* go thoroughly over the bike to ensure all critical componenets are still intact and bolts at their specified torque. If you get a dealer to do this (doesn't have to be the one you bought it from) you are more likely to get any work required covered under warranty.
  11. Yeah.........what is this "special" oil you speak of?

    That is debatable. I've read some articles and many other peoples opinions which would say otherwise. There is no harm in it, and you learn more about your bike by servicing it yourself. I'm not saying you shouldn't get a full service and inspection by a dealer/mechanic at 1,000km's.
  12. I think they use a low viscosity mineral oil first then change to the real oil at 1000k. Might be wrong though.
  13. Yawn. I keep hearing this BS, but until such time that someone can show me how VISIBLE metal particles can make it past a paper filter element capable of filtering down to 50 microns, I wil not bother arguing with them.
    The oil is MEANT to trap these particles and return them to the sump, from where they are drained.
    Seriously, engines have been having oil drained at 1000km or so forever on initial break in....
    And consider than an engine is still producing break in metals at around 3-5000kms. What you going to do, drain oil every 500 kms till you reach 5000kms? :LOL:
    You know what they say about opinions.......

    Actually, most all non hydraulic liftered engines require an initial valve clearance check/adjustment, and it is usually specified at the 1000km service. This adjustment is particularly critical, as teh new valvetrain will initially wear, and clearances can be loose. Clearances can (often) be incorrect from the factory, and it is a good opportunity to catch this. Incorrect valve clearances can cause simple things like poor idling, or worse things like bad fuel consumption or worst cases, failed camshafts or burnt valves.
    Little things like steering stem bearing tightness, wheel bearings, engine mounting bolts (somewhat critical in stresses member engines), brakes etc are checked. You know, things that keep your skin off the ground. :p

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I just had my GS500F in for it's 1000km service... Bloody hell! It needed a valve clearance adjustment (4 new shims)!!! After 1000km's???