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1000km Service

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Scottie, May 20, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    The GPX is the first new vehichle I've owned and it's up for the first 1000km service.
    I am just wondering if the first service is free, and do I have to take it back to where I bought it or can I get it done somewhere else.

  2. Sometimes when buying the bike you can get a deal on your first service, but most likely its not free.

    You can take it back to the same place you bought it (if they have a mechanic shop), but you can take it elsewhere, if in doubt call the place you bought it and they will recommend you to places to service the bike.
  3. Unless you thrashed out a service deal when you bought the bike the service wont be free. If you're happy with the dealer in general and they have a service shop (who doesnt?) it would be a good idea to become known to them as a good relationship with a machanic is peace of mind.

    If he deal went south find someone else. The warranty will still be ok provided they're licensed etc. When you find a good mechanic stick with them.
  4. i'd be inclined to take it back to where i bought it for the first service, as your most likely to get a better price (just for your first service) :D
  5. If you go to a mechanic other than the dealer will he be able to do warranty work for you? Or will you have to have your "regular" mechanic to do the servicing and then go the dealer for warranty issues.
  6. As long as your Mechanic has a piece of paper from that manufacturer then all work will be covered under warranty....if not then its up to you to pay the repairs and sometimes even void the warranty for the rest of the bikes normal warranty period...

    For example I got a 5 year unlimited km warranty when I brought my bike from a kawasaki dealer, as long as I take it back to a registered kawasaki mechanic then I have 5 years to iron out the kinks, which so far has only been a battery (which wasn't covered anyway).

    So far I have owned 3 new bikes and every time the first 1000km service was free (2 different dealers as well).