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1000km service on a new Fazer, should I bother getting one?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by listek, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. It's my first new bike and I plan on keeping for a number of years so I will be going out of my way to look after it, but should I get it serviced at the first 1000km as suggested by Yamaha? I was planning to as requested by the shop where I bought it, but a bike mechanic near where I work said not to bother. I work at a Toyota dealeship and the 1000km service done on new cars is for pretty much nothing, they just do a mechanical inspection and that's it. Is it the same with bikes?

  2. I'd suggest reading the manual, you sure there's not an oil change in there somewhere ? As with anything it's your call, might be safe to have someone just cast a spanner over her, maybe something isn't as tight as it should be. Might be a waste of your time, you should decide either scenario.
  3. Re: 1000km service on a new Fazer, should I bother getting o

    :? But you're querying the recommended service? Sounds like you're going out of your way to do the exact opposite! lol

    Bikes come in crates and are made up at the shop. 1000k's is a check of all bolts, any niggles you have and an oil change. Often the oil used is a thinner oil to help break in/run in the engine.

    Fair enough that you're querying then... but I'd be wary about using this mechanic. What does he do for a 1000km service? And if he does little, then how come when it's clearly spelled out in the book?
  4. dude...YES!!!!!

    the first service is the most important.

    drop the oil and look at all the metal shit that and up in your pan.... quite allot of this is normal while the engine is settling in.

    honestly if i shelled out the money for something new i would be dropping the oil at 500kms too
  5. yes

    that is all
  6. YES.
    As already detailed above, the first 1000km service is THE most important. I am surprised a mechanic would recommend otherwise ?!!
    Follow the manual's recommendations.
    Enjoy your new beast.
  7. The 'bike mechanic' probably advised you against it because you would get it done at the dealership, and he'd miss out on the money :evil:.
  9. +1 change the oil!
  10. they are meant to go over with a torquey and check all bolts are tight. and change the oil off the top of my head.

    if you wana keep it for a while, do whats in the book foolz
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll be dropping her in for the 1000km service then.
  12. +1 Rob

    The 1000km service may not involve much in the way of servicing as it does as an inspection. Bikes go through a Pre-Delivery inspection before they are sold. Think of the 1000k service as an extension of this. After 1000k of running, things need to be checked. ( a loose component caught here may prevent a possible major breakdown up the track ).

    so .. YES do it I say !
  13. Re: 1000km service on a new Fazer, should I bother getting o

    This guy is either after your money when/if problems occur, or is someone I would definitely not let touch my bike. Glad you decided to get the service done though mate, enjoy your bike :>