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1000km service for VTR 250....$380!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ewok3141, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Just got a quote for a 1000km service for the VTR 250 (it's a first service), and Sydney City Motorcycle quoted me $380!!! That's more expensive than my car's 40,000km major service.

    Is this right or am I getting ripped off?
  2. That seems expensive.
    But also, that major service on your car seems cheap.
  3. Just wondering what would be a reasonable price, for example is $200ish OK?
  4. around the $200 mark is much more reasonable for a 1st service. SHop around mate. I did and got a much better deal and also found a dealer that I ended up staying with for a long time :)
  5. That is a rort. I paid $180.00 for the 1000 km service for my VN250, from the dealer I bought it from.
  6. Yeah sounds like a rip off. I think my 1k service on the hornet was $240 including a hire bike so I could get to work......I thought that was expensive....especially when the hire bike was a vt750...was like I was sitting on a big vibrator :shock: with wheels that handled like a ocean liner.
  7. I had a discussion with the guys at Sydney City Motorcycle. They said the cost of the service was because they have to do a "valve clearance check" which is labour intensive.

    This is apparently something that is done for the 1st 1000km service and then for each 12k service after that.

    I'm not really a mechanic so I don't understand what a valve clearance check is. Any comments/ views on whether this is a legit reason why the service is expensive?
  8. Click here to see what a valve clearance check is. Yes, it's fiddly to do, so I can see why they charge for it. And yes, it might have to be done on the first service (e.g. for a zzr250 it has to be done).

    But, having said all that, still not sure why everybody else's 1st service is much cheaper than $380! Your best bet is to check with other VTR 250 owners, because only their experiences are really relevant to you...
  9. Thanks....any VTR250 owners out there care to share their experiences with the 1st service?
  10. I remember the days when the first 2 services on new bikes were almost free .[only pay for parts]
    1st service on new bikes is a good money maker for dealers,100's of dollars for an oil/filter change done by the apprentice.

    When i buy a new bike these days i get the dealer to throw in a couple of services or i go elsewhere.

    $380 for a 1st service..no way baby. even half that is too much.

  11. Run the hell away!!!
  12. I would try and do it myself and when it is beyond me shop around to just get the bits you can not do.
  13. That's my reaction too, Nightgash, but if it's new it'd need to be serviced for warranty.

    Pretty sure they'd just check the valves, not actually have to adjust them?
  14. My first service for my 07 VTR250 was $268, this was at Sydney City Kogarah.

    I had a look at the receipt and it has "Inspected and adjusted valve clearances" listed.
  15. Thanks Avenger....can I ask when you had the service done?
  16. Yep, 1000k service was done on 26/09/08.
  17. For a sec there I thought you got your quote from BikeBiz. I was stupid enough to have a service done there when I had my bike in for warranty work. 5000km service cost me $380!! And they did SFA except change the oil and filter along with some very basic service stuff. I won't be going back there anytime soon. In comparison, Close Motorcycles charged me about $200 for my 1000km service oil ad filter change.
  18. Thanks Avenger.

    I think I might still get the service done there for now as:

    a) I'm hoping Sydney City Lane Cove will drop it to $330 and then another $30 bucks off because I bought the bike from there. I called the Kogarah store (thanks for the idea Avenger), and they said $330 so I don't know why Lane Cove should be $380. So total cost should be $300.

    b) Spoke to the guys at HART (did a course there), and the guys said get the first service done for the moment as it is still under warranty. They said that they get their bikes serviced with private mechanics that they trust, but they didn't know any close to Lane Cove :(, but will lookout for a cheaper, private mechanic
  19. No worries ewok, BTW i purchased my bike from lane cove as well and got the $30 discount at Kogarah.

    Still i felt that what i paid ($268) was a bit much, so i decided for my 6k i would go somewhere else which i did just recently and cost $196 and that included new spark plugs cause the original ones are rubbish apparently!?

    I think $300 is a lot to pay, even with a "discount".

    I'm sure i have read on here at some stage about a decent mechanic up that way, try and do a search for it maybe.
  20. Do not pay over 200! It will be an oil and filter change, bit of lube here and there, quick visual inspection of various things and that'll be it.

    Ok it might say valve clearance check in the book for 1000km which I find very strange, but good luck finding a mechanic who will actually do the valve check. From talking to a few different mechs I've heard many will charge for it, but not do it if its at low kms (eg. 24k). Pays to have a mechanic you can trust.

    I get all my work done by the one place and have done so for all my bikes, it pays off, as anyone will appreciate consistant patronage.