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1000km First Service

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kawasakiboy, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    So I have recently clocked up just over 1000km on my Kawasaki Z300 and taken it into Peter Stevens for its first (1000km) Service.
    I don't think I will take the bike back there for future services as it was very expensive..
    My question..are independent motorbike service shops cheaper and as good?


  2. Definitely as long as they're authorised.
    60 degrees is a great place to start.
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  3. Have been to Raceway in Niddrie a couple of times now and have been happy with the price and the service. Not sure if they do Kawasaki, but it's worth asking.
  4. What did you pay?
    I would expect $250 odd...
  5. I bought my bike from there but they're not gonna service it! I took mine to South East motorcycles Moorabbin, the guy seems like the honest type, has heaps of Japanese bikes in the shop. CB400A was $250.
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  6. Not hard to find a mechanic with a better rep than PS!

    If your in the SE suburbs then check out RPM - Ferntreegully or Straight 4 Motorcycles - Clayton
    Will vouch for 60 degrees as being top blokes however I have only ordered parts threw them
  7. How much was the service? As someone else said I wouldn't expect it to be more than $250. Then again, last time I bought a new bike I negotiated and got the first service free.
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  8. did you not get a price quoted to you before taking it in?

    BTW the first service on my CBR cost $250, fairly expensive for basically an oil change but I did get a loan bike for the day (Ninja 300)
  9. I'm not angry about there service or what they did, just thought the whole time I was there I was being ripped off big time..
    The bike definitely feels quicker so they must have tightened the chain for the price i paid loll
  10. How much was it though?
  11. $330
    What do independent places usually charge for a service?
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    Well my brand new bmw s1000r is going in to bmw Bundoora next week for its 1000k service etc.
    Price 200.00!!

    I get a free loan bike and endless amounts of free coffee and cake.
    That's bmw service.
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  13. Capped servicing?
  14. I reckon you probably were ripped off. My last service, including spark plugs, oil, filters, brake and clutch fluids, chain and sprockets was less than $500. That was at a Honda/Kawasaki dealer, my bike is a Suzuki.
  15. No not capped price!

    First service is a quick one ... Oil change and unlock the ecu to full power mode and install dynamic pro chip for hooligan fun :).

    Bike is restricted to only 9000rpm until first service!!
  16. Are all bikes restricted until the first service? because my bike defiantly felt more powerful after it. But I thought it was probably more due to the service..
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  17. No not all bikes are restricted until your first service!

    Your ninja 300 is full power out the box!!
  18. *Z300! :p
  19. Ninja in a bikini
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  20. Very few bikes are actually restricted for the first 1000km
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