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1000k service done, now she won't fire

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dukenukem, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    So took the duke 390 in for its maiden service. Remember, I'm brand new to bikes so any advice is welcome.

    After her service, I hit the old rd for a leisurely ride with CrazyCam and all seemed well. Got home and popped out for dinner in town and here's where the fun begins. Bike fired up (normal) and idled fine. Cracked the throttle after warming it up a bit and it stalled (meh, it's happened before). The next 5 mins I spent trying to get it to fire up again and no luck. A couple of coughs and splatters but that's about all. Did as much of a check as I could do in the dark with next to no skills.

    Bike is new and under warranty. Not sure if there was anything more I could do. Thankfully a mate could give me a ride home but my bike is still (hopefully) there.

    Hopefully it's just something silly, but I've also realised my lack of mechanical skills could really do with a refresher. Any advice for newbie in a disheartening situation?
  2. Had that happen to me once... Some idiot had flicked the kill switch while I was away and I spent several panicked minutes figuring it out. Sounds silly to ask, but have you checked? :)
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  3. When you stall a bike it will often flood, wetting the plugs and making it difficult to start, so maybe there is nothing wrong at all.

    One of my bikes refuses to start cold if I so much as look at the throttle. Another I had always ran rich and used to prefer a generous amount of throttle but this would change after a service and I would have to learn what it liked all over again.

    If it continues to refuse to start, there maybe something wrong but that is still only a maybe. What exactly are you doing when you try to start it? Throttle open? Throttle closed? If it has a choke, Choke on or off ? And do you always do the same thing or does it change between hot and cold?

    However if it persists take it back to the mechanic.
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  4. "After her service, I hit the old rd for a leisurely ride with CrazyCam and all seemed well. Got home and popped out for dinner in town and here's where the fun begins."

    Dumb questions first.....hasn't run out of fuel by chance???
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  5. Bugga.....

    It certainly shouldn't do that.

    As noted above, the kill switch MIGHT be an explanation.

    Is there a choke/fast idle switch on the beast? Maybe that had something to do with it failing to start.

    There is always the possibility of some operator error, but, a new bike, fresh from its first service, really should start and run.

    TBH, the best advice I can offer is not to have it serviced there again.
  6. So far there is no hard evidence that anything is wrong. Doesn't mean there isn't something wrong, just that I'd want to know more before reaching that conclusion.
  7. It's a fuel injected bike, not carb. Unless it's out of fuel, there's something wrong. It has stalled when adding some throttle before (presumably when cold), so there's absolutely something wrong.

    Since it's under warranty, and it's a walk home failure, the dealer should be called, and told to come and pick it up (all at no cost to the OP). The OP should make absolutely certain that it isn't out of fuel, but I get the impression that the amount of fuel in the tank isn't the problem. If the dealer can't fix it properly (including the initial stall on added throttle) within a reasonable amount of time, the OP should demand his money back as a major failure (stalling is potentially dangerous, and the non-start is a failure of the primary purpose of the bike), as permitted under the requirements of the Australian Federal Consumer Law. There should be no fcuking around with this stuff: know your rights, demand them (politely), and don't take no for an answer.
  8. Probably. Would still want to know more.
  9. Has fuel. No kill switch AFAIK. It wants to fire but doesn't. It's back at the shop now. I'm waiting for a call...
  10. Well the call I was dreading from the dealer is back and the answer is not pretty.

    New motor under warranty.Not happy....
  11. upload_2014-9-9_15-34-55.

    Bugger! Any further details on what specifically failed?
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  12. Apparently snapped a rod. Still waiting for more details.
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  13. That's pretty catastrophic. You weren't running it on rocket fuel and trying to break land speed records were you? :)
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  14. It's a duke 390, not a super duke and I'm on my L's. I get speed wobbles going round corners at 20ks. ;)
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  15. Not good, A fairly catastrophic failure. On the assumption you weren't pushing it too hard before the first service it is not a good advertisement for KTM. The measure of the company will be how well they deal with it. Keep us informed.
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  16. I am surprised it would turn over without sounding like it was about to blow apart.
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  17. Remember look on the positive side. Now you will get a refund or another brand new one to run in
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  18. I'll be sure to keep you all informed. To be honest, for KTM's sake I hope they turn it around very quickly. No brand wants a pi$$ed of customer who's day job is advising leading digital agencies how to manage their customers social media strategies.

    To be honest, as a "mature" learner (defined as having more dollars in the bank than I have hairs on my head) it was given a gentle run in. I've won my fair share of pissing competitions when I was younger and got the duke knowing it'll hold it's value with a few pretty factory additions after serving my short LAMS restriction period. My eye was always on the 690R.

    Catastrophic failures happen, and in a high compression engine like the 390 they happen quickly after purchase usually. The service manager also noted this is the 3rd one he has seen. I've had another previously when I got a new Golf R a few years back. VW did an excellent job managing that, and I was back on the road in next to no time. They were in constant contact with me as well as organised a loan vehicle for me. They made shit circumstances a pleasurable experience. As a result, I have always leaned favourably towards the euro brands.

    I knew the 390 was made in India and expected a few small build quality issues (not a catastrophic failure mind you). With the launch of the RC390 impeding very soon (same donk), I'd hate for this topic to be ranking higher on google than it needs to.
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  19. If it's any consolation, I've had a number of katos and never had a problem with warranty work. If a dealer has sold you and then serviced the bike (even with only one service) then that helps a lot.
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  20. Well, I have to say that's fairly impressive. Usually this shit turns out to be something simple, but you've managed to up the ante quite significantly. Well done, son.
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