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1000cc Supersports

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ausfox, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone.
    Just a quick question.
    If you own a 1000cc Supersport do you ride it solely on the road or both track and road?
    I gather there are a lot who ride it solely on the track but I'm not asking that.
    Thanks Ausfox.

  2. I've got one for the road and one for the track.

    But I'd rather have a 600 for the track and a 750 for the road :)
  3. I have a 1000cc sportsbike that I bought to use on the track aswell as the road, but its only done one 20 min track session since I got it.
    Partly because I also went and got a chookchaser to hit the dirt for a while and partly because I also bought a 250cc track bike.

    I think that the Gixxer will only ever do very occasional track use now, the little bike is so much more fun to ride.
  4. Both. More road than track. And not much of either lately.

    I'd like to get a dedicated 600cc track bike.
  5. Road and track.. mainly road though. It's only seen a track once but hopefully it will see a bit more track in the near future.
  6. Interesting swing to the 600's?
  7. 600s are great fun for a couple reasons, more focus on corner speed and braking control. Also less fear that the power biting and kicking you off, less fear means more of your concentration on your riding.
    Also tyres last longer.
  8. I don't think it's a secret that 600s are better track bikes for pretty much everyone.
  9. I ride a thou on the road. Take it on the more fun rides as well as the occasional commute. Looking at getting it onto the track as soon as I can afford it!
  10. I am interested in this topic too, hopefully buying a bike.
    in addition to OP:

    Owners of 1000 sport bikes, what are your thoughts of the bike over all?

    what other sport bikes do you own or want to buy?

    If you have 2 sport bikes, what is your favourite overall?
  11. I ride my R1 soley on the road

    now that I weigh in at 112kg I just dont think a smaller capacity engine would be able to move my lard ass around quick enough
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  12. Road, track, even in the paddock ( cause I'm too lazy to walk to the back paddock when I have to take rugs off horses )
  13. 1) On my 4th 1000. It's a bit too much power, and not really any faster from A to B than a 6. I miss the fun of thrashing a 600. It is better if you need to overtake traffic though cos you don't have to think about gear and revs so much.
    2) A 750 or maybe even another 600.
    3) I have two, but they're both the same bike :)
  14. You buy a 1000cc for the pose, most people will be faster on a 600. My friends think i am faster on my rgv250 than i was on my R1.
  15. I have both (600 and thou), the 600 is full time pre-mod track bike, thou full time road..
    The 600 forces you to be a better rider, rather than let more hp compensate for poor cornering skills.. Saying that I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn in the skills department myself..
  16. To a certain degree I'm with you there, but not 100%

    As you know, the power delivery of the thousands is so extreme in the upper rev range that that itself is pretty exciting. They're also very easy to ride at low -mid revs as the torque will pull you along in any gear.

    That said, people do seem to regard the 1000cc as the badge of a hardcore rider, and that is definitely bullshit. If you like riding corners, get a 6 :)
  17. Mines an 1190 so I wont comment :p..hehe
  18. 2 Thou's.... R1 for road primarily, CBR1000RR for road/track (getting a beating at PI very soon)
  19. I think a large v-twin makes a good road sports bike. You can just stick to one gear and ride the torque through the corners, or you can keep the revs up and tap-dance on the gear lever to extract every last hp out of it if you with.

    If I was to get an I-4 sport bike, I would be getting a 600. So much fun and thrash-ability.
  20. ????

    ZX6R = 191kg curb + 134ps = $16k

    ZX10R = 201kb curb + 200hp...= $19k

    10kg and 50+ hp....do you want to spend the $3K extra, that's the question

    BTW what really pisses me off....
    in the process of finding prices...
    zxr6r US rrp $10,300....zx10r US rrp $13,999...
    are we being ripped off or what...