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100% sure the battery is the problem...I think...maybe...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Bonkers, May 30, 2007.

  1. Due to a crap load of bills (including repairs to the bike after hitting a red heeler, on a gravel bend....) lumping on my door this month funds are limited and I find my bike is having troubles starting, so I thought I'd come here to get some kind of reassurance before I blow the last of my dollars...

    Okay, the bike turns over, but wont start - there's no smoke, backfiring, spluttering or anything...it just doesn't fire up. I also noticed the volts drop to 6ish when I turn over the engine - doesn't seem normal right?

    If I recharge the battery it starts fine (then went for an hour long ride), but it wouldn't start the next day. It never starts the next day...
    Hook it to the car battery and it fires up almost instantly...

    I added some inox, but it didn't help, so I'd be 99% right in thinking its the battery? I would think other issues would mean it wouldn't start after a recharge...or am I wrong?
  2. Yep. Cough up for a battery I'd say.
    But first check to see if the battery leads are tight and in good nick.
    A jump start will get extra current through the crook connections.
    Disconnect and inspect/clean before you part with your funds.

    EDIT: Battery life of more than 3 years is rare so depending on age........
  3. Sounds familair, yep 99% battery problem. See if your local bike shop can test the battery first.
  4. Thanks guys - even if I'm wrong about the battery I wont feel like jumping off the nearest building knowing that someone else thought it was the most likely problem :wink:
  5. If the battery isn't holding a charge overnight after an hour's riding, then it's not getting charged WHILE you're riding. You have a fritzed voltage regulator (and probably, as a consequence a ruined battery). Unfortunately the fix is for you to see your mechanic and get a new regulator fitted (and probably a new battery too).
  6. Yeah but if it is a stuffed battery they will sometimes start once and then pfft not again. This happened to mine, I persisted and after a while the battery wouldn't even do that
  7. Yeah but if it is a stuffed battery they will sometimes start once and then pfft not again. This happened to mine, I persisted and after a while the battery wouldn't even do that.

    But Paul is probably right, he is in MOST things :wink: :wink:
  8. Re: 100% sure the battery is the problem...I think...maybe..

    That's heaps low assuming a 12V battery. Siding with Paul and your position (you obviously know how to use a multi-meter), check the voltage on the battery before you start it, and whilst running (even if you have to jump start it). It should read 13+ (usually 13.7V) when running if the regulator hasn't died.

    If the regulator is fine, you could also check for standing current drain when the bike is off/nothing running. If there's no significant current drain on the battery... then the battery is dated...but I put my dollar on the regulator.
  9. Possibly Reg/Rectifier and or stator.
  10. Gah! I really appreciate the input guys and I'll check it out tomorrow when I get a chance and hold off on the battery until I have a clearer picture :(
  11. What sort of bike is it??

    If you have a multimeter you can do some simple checks to see whether it's teh battery, reg/rec or stator.

    It could be any of these, but my money would be on the reg/rec which has consequently stuffed your battery.
  12. Yup, I have a multimeter, and the bike is a GPX250 since I'm still on restrictions for another 10 months or so - the way petrol prices are going I just might keep it :)
  13. Sounds like it's just the battery, but here's what to do yo check as the easy option.

    Charge up the battery. check voltage.

    If the battery voltage is dropping visibly (digital multimeter needed for this) while you're checking the battery then your battery is stuffed.

    Connect battery to bike as per normal.
    Check battery voltage again.

    If the battery voltage is noticably dropping you have a charge leakage.

    Start bike. If your battery is dropping anywhere below about 10 volts while starting then battery is stuffed.

    Get bike to a high choke idle (somewhere around 4000rpm) and read voltage. Voltage should be somewhere in the 14v range - 14.4-14.8 volts is normal.

    If voltage hasnt moved either your rec/reg is stuffed or your stator is stuffed.

    Stator testing is a bit more complex and you'll need a manual and you need to find the three output wires from the stator. I dont know the exact specs on your bike to tell you them.

    Rev the bike out a bit more. If the battery shows more than 14.8 volts across the terminal then you've got a stuffed regulator rectifier and this needs fixing.

    All make sense? Then get to work :D
  14. What a ******* day to be out riding!

    Okay, after a recharge my friend told me (I wasn't able to be there) the battery showed 13.7ish sumpthin' or thereabouts (my friends rock!) volts, after an hour (when I arrived) it showed 12.91 volts. After 10 minutes (coffee due to me freezing my ass off) it showed 12.85 volts.

    Starting the bike it dropped to 6ish volts...and the bike wouldn't start.

    Hooked to the car battery and it fired straight up.

    After warming it and reving up to 4000rpm it sat at around 14.6 volts.

    Went for a ride in the freezing rain for 1/2 an hour with 300 moron cagers trying to kill me, came home and turned off bike. Tried to restart but it wouldn't - 12.61 volts - 6 volts when the starter was pushed.
  15. New battery time. Looks as though it has dropped a couple of cells :( :(
  16. nothing like cold weather to slow down an remnant electrochemical reaction.

    Your battery must have been pretty close to dead to pass out that quickly. Might serve as a reminder for others to go out and check their batteries
  17. Thanks all for the help - I really do appreciate it. I'll go buy a battery before closing time and if there are no more "wait till you try this" posts I'll stick it in tomorrow.

  18. Based on your multimeter tests 100% battery

  19. Glad to be of assistance. 100% sure battery is stuffed.
  20. quite handy with electrics, andrew? :idea: