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100% New to Bikes.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Quivorir, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Hello guys just signed up here to get some help.

    I have never ridden a bike before in my life and have decided that I want to :p

    I am a big boy, 6 foot 4 and around 100kgs so im not really sure what will be a good bike for me.

    I want a sports bike, no arguments there and I really love the look of the ninja but im feeling size will be a problem.

    Im not really sure what else to say so let me know if im needed to post more info or posting in the wrong spot.



    Edit: Should note that I don't have my L's yet so it will have to be a LAMs bike and cost inst an issue yet (although around 8k would be nice) And would you recommend brand new or going 2nd hand?
  2. recommend second hand and not a sportsbike.

    the LAMS 'sportsbikes' are either going to be a bit cramped or they are 20 year old bikes with new style fairings.
  3. +1. Just get a regular bike and get used to the controls, riding in traffic etc.

    You'll get your sportsbike in time.. :angel:
  4. Maybe have a look at the Hyosung gt250r, bigger bike for us tall blokes.
  5. Hi there.

    LAMS was introduced for this exact reason...

    Go nuts on google images and see if anything takes your interest. Then maybe do some more research/ask questions on specific models.

    There are plenty of larger sports bikes available.

    I'd always opt second hand for a first bike though.