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100 hp limit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by freddy, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. It is now official that the authorities in France have set a limit of 100 horse power for all new bikes sold in that country, :shock: and soon by default all EU member nations,
    our UK brothers have set up a petition to voice their objections to this scheme
    How long before our nanny state tries the same is anyones guess?

  2. Ouch. Yet more individual freedoms going down the drain.

    I'm sure the usual arguments of "for your own good" "There's no need for it" and "think of the poorly-behaved crotchfruit, er, children…" will be presented.
  3. haven't they had this for ages?
  4. Are you sure? It occurs to me the EU is a large enough market that perhaps it will have flow-on effects for other markets?
  5. Because 100 hp is so little...
  6. correct me if im wrong but in some euro countries they dont legally have to wear helmets :shock:

    Is this true can anyone confirm?

    Point im working towards is which is less safe - no helmet or a restricted bike?
  7. Now alls you have to do is put the 100hp in a 100kilo frame...
  8. Irrelevant.
  9. One would hope that at least some countries in Europe recognize that some people might be able to make their own choices and decide to ride without a helmet if they feel the risk is worth the reward. Personally I won't ride a block without helmet/jacket/gloves/pants/boots, but I'll fight for the right of any adult to make his own choice on that.

    Restricting the power output of bikes is in fact even -more- asinine, as a powerful motorcycle is nowhere near as dangerous to THE CHILDREN as a powerful car is, and Europe (indeed, from FRANCE) is from where the most powerful production car in the world hails.
  10. it might be like the japenease thing where their cars dont have more than 206kw.. until you put them on a dyno :p

    ie r1 has power of 100hp on the spec sheet, but really has ~150hp
  11. I could be (and probably am) wrong here, but I believe that's due to an agreement between manufacturers not to ADVERTISE at more than 276hp.

    One of course wonders if the French are basing their silly little law on advertised output, or tested output.
  12. Or a bunch of video's by the fastbikes crew
  13. I'd love to see numbers on how many people are killed by errant motorcyclists each year vs people driving bimbo box SUVs.

    (Not that I advocate banning SUVs, mind you, but I wouldn't be opposed to people needing a commercial licence for them. )
  14. Meh, constraint breeds creativity.
  15. and then your going to want to get a licence to draw breath, a licence to think, a licence to be an individual, a licence to ... you get the picture.
  16. Some of the European countries are actually ruled by its people not its government like us.. They don't like something the government changes to suit the people.... Ridip Ridip. can you guess where.
  17. No idea, but I'm hoping you'll fill me in so I know where to consider moving if Stephen Conroy and his drooling idiot followers ever implement the internet filter here :LOL:
  18. You betcha.

    BMW boxers take well to boost, and you can fit a small turbo out of sight
  19. Might go invest in a 'busa while I still can.

    As some have posted 100Hp is a decent amount. Couple that with decent torque output and you could have a fairly rapid bike. Although it will put a dent in the RR category.
  20. everyone with a supersport can take a sparkplug out. Anyone with a litre bike can take out two ;)