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100,000 kays up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. I just clocked up 100,000 kays on my two Blackbirds in 5 years and 8 months of actually riding them,
    06 Silver Blackbird, 1100XX The Moped.
    05 Blue Blackbird, 1100XX, The Blue Slug,
    The Moped, the first one, In the Fastest Silver of course, I chucked it down the road at 75,000 kays and the insurance company wrote it off,
    Nothing wrong with the bike, I rode it 3000 kays after I bingled it, But OEM Fairings are worth a heap More than the bike is worth,
    Then I bought the Slow Blue Slug, Well I already had the fast one, So I settled for the slow Blue one as I am getting on in years,
    It also matches my eyes, as well as my hand bag, Hahahahaha for the smartys,
    The Blue Slug has just turned over 25,000 Kays making a total of 100,000 Kays all up for both of them,
    The Blue Slug has a total of 65,000 Kays up on it,
    The Moped had a history and I was very sad to see it go,
    The Blue slug has given me a bit of Drama, The front stepped out just after I got it due to shit tyres and I broke my shoulder, The worst bingle I have ever had in my fifty years of riding,
    Sudden stop does that, It will kill you,
    Then having some extreme fun, The front stepped out in sand on a very tite corner and I broke my Collar Bone, Then had to ride it 500 Kays home, Including over Falls Creek by the Bogong Highway,
    Another set of Fairings scrapped, Thats two sets in 2 years, Chinese ones, Its cheaper than the Excess and I pocket the insurance,
    I also bought a new set of mirrors with indicators in them, They look good and for $30-00 delivered, Im not complaining,

    Both had 12 inch risers on them, With clipons on, 100 kays and I could not open my hands due to cramps,making the bike extremely dangerous to ride,
    600 to 800 Kay days are normal for me, so stopping every 100 kays was a PITA,
    Its now a very comfortable bike to ride and the handling is absolutely Awesome,
    I have a Lamswool seat cover to stop the Numb Bum syndrome,
    I ride it in torrential downpours so it gets washed, I dont wash my bike,

    Total problems with both bikes in all that travel, One dead Battery and one rear wheel bearing,
    Honda Super Blackbird, 1100XX, Boringly Reliable,

    Yes, Its a Grandpa's Bike, Hahahahahaha, But I will wait for you to catch up,


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  2. Hey MouthMouth, can you interview the bloke with the apehangers on a blackbird ;)
    Congrats on the milestone mate, seems like both bikes have been on some serious adventures. (y)
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  3. They are Risers, Not Ape Hangers, Even tho an Ape hangs off them, hahahahaha
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  4. Sounds like the body parts, the man bag & the mental state could do with a refresher course :whistle:
    Perhaps a change of non de plume .....

    Reminder to self - if you ever get the urge for a gel seat, heated handlebars & a full set of plastic fantastic it's time to hang up the boots AND gloves.
  5. I like deadman.
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  6. A great milestone :)
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  7. I tried the gel seat and airhawk, and the eggcarton thingy, all crap, The lambswool came out tops,
    I have heated grips sitting on the bench, Never fitted them yet, Only the tips of my fingers get cold, So I bought a couple pairs of new Ski Gloves, -30C, Work perfect,

    Ski gloves are designed for skiing on ice, Ice is like falling on razor blades, Which make them tougher than Bike gloves, I also ski in them in winter,
    The gloves were $7-00 from china, a Pair delivered, The $13-00 dollar ones from Aldi were even better, also -30C, wind and water proof,
    But I lost one sitting on it and feeding my face on the way back from Canberra, Open face helmet,

    I ride in $10-00 jeans from Kmart and yes I ride in a T shirt, But long sleeves when its really hot to stop wind and sun burn, I do carry a leather jacket for the cold,

    The only thing I have done for my old age, Is to buy a open face helmet with the full visor, I just got sick of the taste of those big green bugs, and rain shot blasting my face,

    Im hanging out for 70, So I can go skiing for free, And I do ski the Black runs, Its actually more dangerous than riding a motorcycle, by a long way,

    The Nom De Plume, Ive had for over fifty years, Your quite welcome to jump on the back of my Bird and we will go for a putt through the Reefton Spur or the EJ road, I do prefer the EJ road tho, Its more fun,

    I do like the company, Ive also done many thousands of kays with a pillion, so your quite safe on the back, Then you will know why they called me that,
    I have been told many times that I am a very smooth rider from people following me,

    Cheers, Brian,
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  8. Great yarn Brian, look forward to seeing the Blue Slug at Jindabyne.

    I sold the Hornet with 176,000 kms on the clock: I bought it with 54,900kms and put those kays on it in seven years...
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  9. "So I can go skiing for free"

    Can't even get a fkn senior cit card .... in Qld it cuts in at 65 :mad:
    Almost a valid reason to legitimately return to southern states given down here over half the year.

    At least the waves are still free for the present.
    Great to see butterbox workin' in the last decent groundswell may I add.

    Can recall one sleety winter in Melb (1970?) doin' a weekend run up to Mt Buller on the GT550. The skiing gloves did double duty given lowly uni student status. A few stints in the Yukon, Rockies/ Black Forest etc had this particular two wheel traveler appreciating the value of quality gear I can assure you.

    Lost four good mates when the Alpine Way was dirt back when..... all close associates out of Brunswick Motorcycles, (Leon & the crew). So much for follow the leader.

    As long as one has access to quality information, then you have choices - your call on the end case scenario & future prospects.

    Two up with deadman? ta of the offer but no fkn way young fella - not with them 'pray to jesus' bars.

  10. Nice!!!! I love seeing people that ride there bikes and arent afraid of a few kays.

    on 92,000 on my cbr600. I'm catching you.. no gel seats, no extendo clip ons, but this last 40k have been with heated grips(i'd never be without them now)...:p and the rain is my idea of a bike wash too...unless its getting a service, I try and wash it before these, which are every 2 months, almost every month over the last few!
    In my five years I've racked up over 180,000k of riding....and I still suck at it...but absolutely love it...its my idea of relaxation.
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  11. Late 60's early 70's, Great times, I rolled out of Kew back then, 68 Bonnie, Rode it for 17 years, It ended up fully chopped with an 8 inch over front end, and it could handle too,
    We were mad back then, Middle of winter, T shirt and shorts, no gloves, open face helmet, Over the black spur in snow,
    They brought the half price back in for skiing last year, For over 65's, and it was free to get onto the mountain, So my skiing is relatively cheap now,
    Still cant afford to stay up there, So I drive up to Buller and back in the same day, 6 hours skiing, long day but I love it,
    Most of the people that gave me the Nom De Plume are long dead, Mostly bike accidents,
    I bought my Bonnie brand new from Frank Musset in Brunswick,
    The Risers, are like riding a Goldwing on Steroids, Hahahahaha
  12. "Boring Bike"
    I hope so, I just bought a '99 CBR1100xx with 60k on the clock and so far I really like it, could do with better stopping power.
    Overall I am enjoying it I hope it's trouble free unlike some other bikes I have had over the years.
    But it's damm quick!
    I do alot of kays threw out the year, just about to retire a m109r with 120k's over 5yrs and I am in the middle of engine rebuilding a bmw k1100 with a 150k's on that.
    I like to always have two bikes going so if one is off the road the other can pick up the slack or I can change it up if I am bored, I don't like driving.
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  13. Now those handlebars are different can you tell me were you got the setup from.
    Though my back has been good lately I would like to have that option up my selve, normally I would ride the k1100LT but its been off the road with repairs lately and I am little and over the m109r.
  14. Made them Myself, It makes the handling Awesome, I ride mostly mountain Twistys, you wont have any problems with your Bird, They are bullet proof,

    Back in the 60's, every one was getting broken thumbs with clipons from tank slappers, hit a pot hole, stone, Brick or any thing on the road, you got a tank slapper,
    Yamaha's were the worst for it, So they put on 6 or 8 inch risers on and wider bars, Cured the problem, Made them road ridable,

    My Bonnie had 15 inch Ape Hangers, 22 inches wide, they were perfect for me, after a lot of trial and error getting the height and width right, I tried quite a few bars before I settled for these ones,

    My first set on my first bird were a trial and error thing to get rid of the wrist cramps, I couldnt see the speedo, It had a few minor probs But they worked so stayed on it,
    Just too lazy to change,
    When I got my second Bird, I made the new set up with all the bugs removed, They fit me like a glove,
    Its the same sitting position of any bike with high bars, Harleys, Goldwing, St1300, Etc Etc,
    They just look rediculous on the Bird, But I ride it, I dont look at it,
    Older generation love them, They look very comfortable, Even had a bloke with a 1400 Kwaka saying he will put a set on his, There are three Birds I know of with this conversion now, They liked my comments and did theirs, They love the improvements also,

    Younger generation, How could you do that to a sports bike, They put up with the pain clipons cause,
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  15. Put the bars you like on the bike you like, makes good sense to me Centurion.
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  16. A mate has a super blackbird that has 135,000k's on it and still goes like the clappers.
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  17. 100,000 is an achievement. My bike is only at 45,000, over 3 and a half years. But the numbers are slowly adding up. Cheers for sharing deadmandeadman
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  18. I'd love a pic of your handle bar set up . My CBR1000F riding position is driving me crazy with hand cramps . Thats why I got the V Strom . But the CBR is soooo much better bike .
  19. Extremely Comfortable, The Handling is Awesome, I get no aches, Pains or cramps,
    I ride mostly Mountainous Twistys in all conditions, , EG; EJ Road,
    The Double Bubble keeps the wind off me, and a lambswool seat cover stops my bum from going numb,
    The bottom piccy is how I sit on it.
    It may look stupid, But it does work, And I do ride it, hahahaha
    Any bike made has to be adjusted to suit the rider and the conditions they ride in,

    There are two other Blackbirds with the same risers on theirs, The took my advice and converted theirs, They love it as well,

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