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$100,000 bikes stolen to order by Sydney thieves

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by siwanut, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. July 21, 2008 12:00am

    THIEVES are scouring Sydney stealing motorbikes "on demand" for criminals to strip for parts, with rare and expensive machines targeted.

    Be-aware everyone

  2. I just gots ta get me one of them rare Yamaha R1 or R6 models. Anyone know where I can find one? A rare R1 would be one with more than 5000km or has reached its second birthday!
  3. no one wants to steal Kawasaki apparently :grin:

    or maybe they just aren't "rare"
  4. Thank god, im safe :grin:

    I dont see how R1 and R6's or other jap sportsbikes are 'rare', and in the story it says 10 rare bikes were stolen worth $100000. Does that mean 10K each, or 100K each... Pffft, yeah right. I dont a 998 worth $100K, no matter how many were made. Somebody prove me wrong..
  5. Obvisously its because they are built so well and have good riders and therfore the spare parts market for them is small and not worth the theives time :p
  6. It's a media spin, :jerk: just an article written by someone who has zero, or fug all experience with bikes.

    I remember reading an article about 3-4 years ago, when the scooter "craze" hit, :moped: and suddenly it became trendy for yuppies and wannabe's to have an ol style Piaggio scooter and hang around Toorak cafe's and drink latte's :jerk:
    The Saturday Age then did an article on gear and recommended these topend 500$+ race boots, to go with your 80$ open face icecream bucket helmet and kashmere coat =; with Rayban sunnies naturally :cool:
    They said,and I quote," these will buy you tonnes of street cred" :roll:

  7. yeah thats what i though, how the hell r1 and r6 are rare bikes..

    100,000 for a bike? i think he confused himself ducati's to Ferrari's ...
  8. the Demowhatchamacallitys cost a little more than 100 tim. google it
  9. Is that like people who sand off there chicken strips? :p

    Wish someone would steal my bike, the insured value is much higher than its resale value :p i could almost get a brand spanka for the insured value :p
  10. That is a US site so US Dollars. In 2006 when orders where placed, it was $1USD = $1.35AUD so about $100k. I remember seeing one in at a SA Ducati shop, it was for $100k.

    If you want to steel a bike worth more than $100k (in Australia), you'd need an MV Augusta F4CC.
  11. Yammies aren't all that rare true, but the bottom line is that bikes are being stolen and it appears to be a coordinated racket. 1032 bikes is no laughing matter.

    I hope the thieves get their just deserts soon.

    So how do you protect your bike then??
  12. Talking to some mechs in my area seems like there have been massive amounts of theft going on re. motorbikes. Alot of them have been extremely well planned too. Lol @ 'rare r1'
  13. Im starting to consider an unfed rottweiler...

    and im putting an alarm on this week that has a 5000m range monitoring (including a remote with an LCD screen!)
  14. Fair enough, i know its american, but didn't know orders were for 2006, would of been good at exchange rate now, almost 1 for 1.

    Bastards have to be stopped, watching that video in multimedia forum is crazy, took 4 guys no more than a minute to pinch :shock:
  15. The R1 SP is rare as hen's teeth. Doubt they're worth $100k though, think they were going for about $30k new
  16. Someone buys a 100k bike and doesn't even bother to put a GPS fence and tracking unit on it?

    May as well just leave 100k in cash in a box on the side of the road. It's never gunna be seen again.
  17. Yes, but is there even ONE in the country at the moment? And even if there is, what would be the point of stealing it to supply parts for ... the other ones that aren't here:?
  18. Apparently there has been a sighting of one on the putty road. And criminals are simple if they can steal it they will. I'm sure they'll find something to do with a 100K bike.

    Seen a few 1098R's on the road too. Very nice!