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10 years in storage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. hi,
    i just got my first bike the otherday and my dad who used to ride commented on bringing his bike out of storage. Im trying to convince him but since it has been in storage for 10/11years would it take much work? the bike is a 1970's kawasaki Z1 model Z1000....

    its been kept indoors in our hallway leading into our living room (his 1:1 scale model he calls it) and has had the tank emptied. i assume it would take quite a bit of work though to get it running?

    i doubt he will bother as he hasnt much time and effort left over from work, but it would be so much fun to go riding with him.

    anyway thanks for your thoughts,
  2. how does one leave a bike sitting unridden for 10 years??? :shock:
  3. stewy - you have a family and work commitments ;)
    when my little bro (he's 11 today) was born he put it inside.
  4. Yes, it'll take a bit of work. But be a hella of a lot of fun.

    Father/son project?
  5. Drain and replace ALL fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, etc.), new battery, replace plugs and contact points, check brake operation. If it's been inside the last time, and in good condition prior to 10 year stint, I don't think it will take you much more than an afternoon (or a few hundred $$ at a mechanics) to get teh engine running again :) Drain the brand new oil after only an hour or so of running and put some new oil in again :)
  6. make soure the brake lines have not parished... prefebly on the safe side replace them...

    greace up every thing... or better clean and graece up every thing (by that I mean ball berings)

    if the fork seals hold.. (after replacing the fork oil) they will not hold for long...

  7. Buy Australian motorcycle trader and put in an email to Spanner man. His advice will be the good oil for a situation like this.



    p.s. Definitely get new tyres!
  8. Congrats on getting ya first bike ... great to hear .. :D

    Put ya Dad onto http://forum.zpower.com.au/ ... a great bunch of guys and gals .. well and truly into the old Kwakas, full of knowledge and helpful advice!! Also a good source for parts for these "legends" .. is http://www.zpower.com.au/ they have a great range of parts for the older Zeds too. Could also put him onto the Z-Owners club .. http://www.zowners.com.au/main.php .. once again .. a great source of info/parts etc ...

    Hope this is of some help for ya Dad and again congrats on getting ya bike ... ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Before you turn it over (even with the fresh fluids) takes the plugs out and squirt some light machine oil (or possibly penetrating oil) in through the spark plug holes. And let it sit for a day. Turn it over by hand at first (and make sure it isn't locked solid). If it turns over by hand then crank it with the starter (use a jumper battery if you need to) with the leads disconnected.

    Squirt light oil into as many moving parts as you can get to before trying to turn the motor over. Removing the rocker covers and squirting the cams and cam chain isn't a bad idea also.

    And yes... after you start it (if you can start it) change the oil after a short time.

    If you can't get it to start you can try some aero start (that'll get almost anything going) but make sure everything is loose before hand (I can't stress that bit enought!).

    Good luck :)
  10. Photos, please, there can't be too many low-mileage Z1000s around
    Actually he should sell it and buy something new with the proceeds, it should be worth a bob.....