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10 worst boyfriends of all time

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Nucleotide, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Enjoy!

  2. some were funny but who calls their girlfriend a motherfarker? and ripping off an eyebrow is just assault.
  3. ...I think where some guys get is sooooo wrong, is that they seem to think that females think the same crap as they would do to their mates is funny. It ain't!!

    I'm hoping some of them were just set up for the video and the girls knew what was going on and agreed to it.

    If not, some of it is just abuse!. F*ck, if you don't like the girl.. then just Pi$$ off and leave her alone.
  4. i love it :D all of them!

    i'd love a boyfriend prankster!! especially the hairdrier dude - that was hilarious!
  5. Inspirational
  6. Better than the "ill leave with everything you have" types.....see that house that your parents left you? MINE, see that bike and car that you love? MINE, see your kids? MINE.
  7. I'm going to give the girlfriend a Brazilian whilst she's asleep tonight and see what happens.
  8. I'm sure It'll go well!......:eek:wned:
    Just remember, it's not a REAL prank till you post a video of your injuries

    Some of those were funny, some were a bit much. Probably some of them you should stick to doing to your mates :s
  9. The irony being I wouldn't be allowed near it until it had grown back.

    Maybe not even then.
  10. Awesome! Free Brazilian! :D
  11. The problem with the last prank is that you're left with an angry girlfriend who has a large wooden stick.
  12. very good (ok some were mean, eyebrow).
    but the guy who sent the exploding vibrator as a gift, he's still number 1
  13. very imaginative boyfriends....its good to have a laugh, its better to have a laugh at the expense of loved ones :p. Builds a solid relationship...........or exposes an already bad one lol 8-[
  14. Oh, you just don't know where those girls hide.
  15. These guys need help.
  16. I thought that was mostly over the top. Simple assault, I'd call it.

    The talcum powder one was funny, but.
  17. I think the disappearing water prank was the best by far, probably because she was a willing (unknowingly) participant.
  18. oh yeah, talcum powder in the hair dryer is definately a goer.
    but the rest, hell hath no fury, she's going to get you back way worse. they're all witches, they return it threefold.
  19. Although it was the most harmless the victim of the talcum powder seemed the most pissed.
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    Love the talcum powder though.