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10 reasons to love your motard

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Takamii, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. taken from supermoto junkie

    1. We have more fun at speeds under 75mph then a liter bike could ever dream of.

    2. Name another type of bike that when your sitting in traffic and you see an open field you can tear across the field and find a short cut.

    3. When you're riding with other types of bikes they slow down at inclined rail road tracks and they look at you like you're crazy when you go WOT at the first sight of the thing seeing "how much air you can get this time"

    4. It usually looks better dirty then clean

    5. Sport bikes laugh at you when you ask them if they wanna go for a ride to find some twisties then you can laugh back when you're waiting 5 minutes for them at the end.

    6. You get asked how much horsepower your bike has and you reply (insert number under 50 here) and get laughed at then they wonder how the dirtbike with funny looking tires is passing them on the OUTSIDE

    7. Do i even need to mention the Hooligan factor, stoppies, wheelies, finding anything to jump, driving down sidewalks, etc.

    8. You can low side your bike and all you have is a broken lever and broken ego

    9. You can high side your bike and all you have is a broken lever and a compound fracture in your leg

    10. Have you ever seen the look on a sport bike guys face when you say "I wanna make a quick run down this fire road"?

    feel free to add in anything i forgot

    Did i mention that we can jump stuff?

    11. When you bump it, and it falls over on top of your lawnmower, you don't damage $2500.00 worth of bodywork.

    12. Potholes are a joke instead of rimbending nightmares.

    13. Kickstarting a street bike is cool

    14. Its fun to get the rear end loose on the street, not a pucker moment as if you were on a sport bike

    15 passing someone on the latest sports bike, then when they come over when you are parked up looking at the motard saying to them " its not bad for an 8yr old dirt bike"

    16 Pullin power wheelies out of every tight corner is just freakin cool.

    17 Getting the thumbs up/waves from high school girls and hot chicks while in traffic, then seeing the look on their face when you lift your visor at a the lights and they see someone as old as their grandfather.

    18 How your pipe is just about face level with car drivers... can you hear me now???

    19 havin cops pull you over and sayin "uh... so what's with the tires???"

    20 Roundabouts become overabouts.

    21 Arriving at traffic lights on one wheel, then leaving on the other

    22 People ask "Is that a dirt bike or a streetbike?"......You answer "yes"
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  2. being able to overtake cars on the inside... up the median strip
    done it to my brother a couple of times

    knowing rims are a couple of hundred dollars..... a set, not each

    comes standard with a massaging seat.....
  3. You just Helped me decide what my next bike is going to be :grin:
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  4. hmmm, may have to consider these hideous machines now :p
  5. All reasons why a person like me should never be allowed near one.
    I am oh so tempted.
  6. 22 The dirtier your bike is the better it looks
    23 Supermoto riders dont give a stuff what other people think of their bikes etc - its all about the fun factor
    24 - Supermoto riders wear full leathers on dirt bikes
    25 supermoto riders wear all sorts of weird stuff like mad max type gear or mohawks etc on their helmets as part of the I dont give a crap fun factor
    26 you can let your friends ride your bike cause they couldn't do any amage worse than you have.
    27 Guys dig chicks that tear it up in the twisties on their own Supermoto.

    28 Looking at everything on/near the road and asking yourself, "How can I jump that?"

    29 Your parents/wife/girlfriend agrees to help you finance the supermotard, because they/she doesn't want you riding around on a scary fast sportsbike - how little do they know :)

    30 Tricking the wife into the purchase of an SM as a compromise.
    (me)"I want the R1".
    (wife) Why do you need a bike that does 300kph"?
    (me) "Cause its black".
    (wife) "Well this ones black".
    (me) "Okay, you win". lol

    31 Getting pulled over and having the cop spend 45 minutes TRYING to find something illegal with the bike. Then he lets you off with a warning and a stern reminder to make sure the bike looks legal from now on.

    32 Insurance is about 30% the cost of a sportsbike

    33 You crash damage is in the 10's sometimes 100's of dollars but never in the thousands

    34 barkbusters A.K.A. cager mirrorbusters!

    35 Pulling in at your local twisty hangout full of sportbikes and lean your SM against a tree or fence as they admire your shreaded rear tire.

    36 not giving a damn about oil or gravel on the road ( in fact preferring it ) because it helps you back it in or step the back out

    37 my balls are not jammed into the fuel tank as bad as on my SB! Flattened balls = unhappy rider.
  7. They are vile loathsome machines but I can not look away
  8. 38 Just about all motards are LAMS approved and can keep up with sportsbikes except on the long straights

    39 Its easy to learn how to work on a bike yourself and save some $$$$ with a supermoto

    40 They are cheap $$$ to modify and customise yourself

    41 Change the whole look of your bike with a $140 sticker kit - try doing that on a sportsbike

    42 You drop it, break a radiator shroud plastic and laugh because its $40 to replace instead of $2000 for a sportsbike fairing
  9. Stop tempting me! I want a sportbike when I'm off my restriction damn it!!
  10. Damn it I want one sooo bad!
  11. Why tempt me for!!! Don't think I even want a sportsbike after lams anymore :LOL:
  12. :worthlesspics:

    If you're gonna tempt me, then TEMPT me dammit!
  13. 43 Tasmania.

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  15. Weren't you saying not too long ago, that anything that wasn't an R1 was shit?

    I do understand though, I used to think fully faired sportsbikes were the be all and end all till I tried the alternatives..
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  16. No I was saying Honda is Ghey when giving my business partner and friend FELIX shit about his SOPHIE CBR1000RR rebuild

    By the way - when are you going to put your hand in your pocket and give away a gimoto jacket as a competition prize for netriders supporting you ? I am sure someone would would like a top quality jacket from Gimoto
  17. Ah ok :)

    I swear your signature used to be something like "If it isn't an R1, it's a piece of shit".
  18. it was something about an R1 but I would never call another bike/brand a piece of shit unless its Felix's bike

    I think it was "Is R1 Is Good" or something like that
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  19. To motard my RMX250, or not? That is the question.
  20. Right Takamii, I see you edited this one in.

    If you pay attention to what's going on, you'll see that we give a hell of a lot of support to the motorcycle community. Most of our customers are racers who appreciate the benefits of properly made race suits, so that's where we invest. Unlike you, our target is small, but we work our arses off because we believe in the product and we're both very passionate about racing.

    So **** YOU for telling us to dip our hands into our pockets, come along to some races, meet some kids that really deserve a break and let' see what you can do for them.