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10 months and 1 day till i can ride

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by son of suzyq, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. hey..

    i know a lot of you guys from coffee and stuff..im "suzyq's" son :)

    its 10 months before i can get my bike licence but when i do i will be riding mums old spada :woot:

    and the spada has just had a new paint job..thanks bob(bluestorm03)

    hope to see the sydney crew at coffee soon if mum takes me on the back again :)
  2. Welcome, and, happy counting :).
  3. dont worry champ the time will fly!!! hopefully!!!!!!!!!
  4. Good things come to those that wait.

    Seeing as you enjoy the bikes you might like to look at what some of the junior motor bike racers are doing ..... most are age 13 to 16, but some are younger. Go to www.metrakit.com.au or www.festivalofchampions.com.au .... and if you are watching the coverage of the Australian Grand Prix, check out the Aussie125gp support race. There are a few 16 year olds and under in this race. One of them is Paul Kleinberg who has just turned 16 on number 64. There are 3 races for the local 125's and all are televised.
    Fri Oct 12 at 5.32pm
    Sat Oct 13 at 5.32pm
    Sun Oct 14 at 10.20am
  5. 10 months ... dont start counting....

    you'll appreciate how small a wait 10 months is after you lose your licence for accumulation of demerit points....

    welcome to the game.
  6. Huh, the spada is still alive after Tim's effort? :LOL: :LOL:

    See you on the road soon..
  7. [​IMG] son of suzyq

    10 months and counting huh. When mum speaks you listen.

    Woohoooo Suz ... 10 months of milking this for all its worth. :LOL:
  8. oh yes the mighty spada is still going after tim's effot :grin:

    she is unbreakabul :)
  9. Hmmm 10 moths to go, do you think your going to live that long if you keep giving your mum grief :shock:

    Welcome to the madness, now you'll have more than just you mum to deal with if you go down the wrong track :twisted: