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10 mins on the guitar leads to yet another sleepless night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. 10 mins, all I said was 10 mins, that was at 9:15, now look at the time ........

  2. sounds like you need a hobby to distract you from your hobbies :p
  3. Or take up a hobby thats either painful or boring..

    DIY cosmetic surgury
    Sanding down a car body for re-spraying
    hand havesting rice
    sniffing lit lighters
    letting off fireworks in your pants
    getting a tattoo on your knob

    All of these would ensure you'd get to bed early...!
  4. I know how that feels. I even sunk to a new low today myself. Not happy with the Les Pauls intonation last night but wanted to play rather than fix so I grabbed another guitar and went for it. This morning I took the Lessy into work and made the set up adjustments instead of working. It sounds great now. I haven't got much work done but at least I'll have a nice sounding guitar tonight. :D
  5. anyone wanny buy my les paul?? as new condidtion
  6. Don't tempt me. If I buy anymore guitars I won't have any space left to sleep in, but will have a grumpy girlfriend.
  7. and your problem with that is???? ;)

    just need to sell mine to fund bike
  8. Enjoy it why you can Doonk's, spending half your night plucking becomes more difficult as you get older.. :LOL:
  9. We really need to have a jam night one night - be a good laugh.