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10 Mile Putty Road on VFR400

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Unconnected, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Here is me getting a great clear run on the 10 mile on saturday was very enjoyable.

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  2. I haven't ridden Putty Road in a while. The lead up to and 35km/h corner around 5:05 is my favourite bit of road in the universe.
  3. stay safe man, those roads can and do bite back.......
  4. Dw cruiser im always safe. As for the multiple bites per corner, my bike is very twitchy with an 18 year and 16 front and skinny tires. This was not supposed to be a flying lap just a good one because i had a totally clean run besides a minor accident from another group we stopped for. Rider was fine.
  5. Looks like a lovely day for a nice ride Unc, lucky you didn't choose Sunday!
  6. God.... I'd kill for a road like that here!
  7. I NEVER came to grips with the Ten Mile on the Hornet with the 16" front wheel; it feels perfectly natural on the VFR with a 17", however.
    Nice piece of video, and It makes me realise how lucky I was when I first started riding in 1974 and that piece of road was only 35kms away from where I lived :LOL:
  8. Yeah i bet there was less traffic in 1974, this was the first time i have ever had a completely clean run since i started riding two years ago. I was loving it. It was a bit damp in places but still good. For me putty is a solid 50k to the start from my place. But the maccas breakfast at mcgrath hill is worth it :p
  9. Ive never has a clean run there, ever................well apart from my night time rides lol.

    But yeah its rare to get a clean run and practically impossible to do it on a weekend with dry roads.......
  10. yeah that was the benefit of a shit looking day, we got rained on when we went down old road, but that was pretty fun too, though i should have bought wets for sure, and a clear visor.
  11. riding when it looks like its gonna rain is like riding (esp the old road) on a double demerit weekend.............huge difference compared to a normal dry weekend.
  12. I would have liked to be able to see your tachometer/speedo in the clip....
  13. Speaking of clean runs,last year I did it with a few mates.Heading south we arrived at a que of trucks at the start of The 10 mile.I sneaked up to the front,not so easy for one of the others,having one leg and riding a CBX 6 cyinder Honda made that not so easy.Seems the road crew was trimming trees and I was first in line for a completely empty run,bless those road workers
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  14. I LOVE sneaking to the head of the queue at a road stop;

    I DO, however, avoid eye-contact with the people in the cars :LOL: ..
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  15. Nice video, well done - enjoyed watching it :).
  16. Probably not a good idea.
    Unless you want him to out his rego up as well.

    @Unconnected what is the camera you are using ?
    Is it a suction mount or something else ?
  17. Actually I was less concerned by the speed and more by the apparent low revs. Compared to my VFR it sounds like its only doing around 7000 odd revs....
  18. It was about 8-10 thousand revs besides some engine braking, the average speed for the video was only 87kph, but more than good enough.

    Im using a contour 2+ b12mick, with a sitcky mount, they are good because you mount them to the side of things rather than ontop of things like a go pro.
  19. I have a Drift cam. Has a helmet mount and also a suction mount.
    Agree the suction mount gives plenty of angle options than what I have seen with other cams
  20. Here is a tip for the stick on camera mounts.Try to add a safety strap.CJ of Oz Laverda fame,thats for Blubbs info,lost a camera heading to one of the National Laverda Rallies at Bellengin a while back.They can and do fail.Nice pleasant video,nice to see someone enjoying themselves.