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$10 Air Hawk

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mattb, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. I like to do long days, typically 12 hours, often on straight roads out west and north-west of the Calder. The tucked up position on the skinny hard seat of the Hornet leaves me rather cramped, so that I get some muscle pain as I get off the seat toward the end of a day's ride. So I looked at these Airhawks, saw they were $150, and that both inside and out they look like camping pillows. Yesterday I picked up a Wild Country pillow for $10 from Ray's Outdoors. I used it today on a 450km ride, from mid-afternoon on, and it made a real difference. While I suffered some discomfort still, it was nothing compared to the cramping soreness that usually afflicts me these days as I dismount the bike. I'm sold! From now on, on a long ride, should you perchance look upon the space below my nether region, you'll see a Wild Country stretched out before you! I'd suggest for the budget-conscious backside-embattled that you try out one of these first.


  2. Looks interesting, have you secured it to your seat in case it falls off if you stand up to stretch your legs?
  3. Good tip. Bearing in mind the plank like perch of the DR, I may be taking a look in my local camping shops.
  4. or you could get some velcro from Spotlight and attach it to your bottom...may look a tad silly, but another cheap and practical solution for you Matt
  5. I did a similar riding the K nearly all the way to Sydney and back. I jammed the thing under the sheepskin. Looked all sorts of ugly, but like having buttocks cradled in the tender hands of vestal virgins.
  6. One thing I noticed: I was certainly less in need of standing up to stretch; though of course on a longer day I would want to, and on a dirt stretch of road it was important. I did half stand a few times to move the thing around, experimenting while on the Calder, and the velour makes it grippy. I think a bit of strap over it, and under the seat, might work, whether looped fore to aft and under and clipped to the front under-tip of the seat, or side to side looping under the seat. Or a whole bit of material doing this if you want fanciness. Or Monkeyman's suggestion, if you want the vestal virgins to follow you from bike seat to bench seat.
  7. im interested in this camping pillow as an alternative to the air hawk. is it inflatable with air like the airhawk?