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10 000km done

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, May 8, 2012.

  1. As per title, I've now done 10 000km on my 125cc, my mechanic says I can try a 600 and should be ok.:biker:

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  2. Your mum is your mechanic?!
    I really want to believe you're for real and are just a little, well, "feeble".
    I really do...
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  3. Really? I thought it was 12000km for a 600 upgrade, 10000 usually only qualifies for a 400. Just buy a 'Busa

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    Lash out and get yourself a 250 :D

  5. you should write kymco a letter im sure they will be surprised one of their bikes made it that far.
  6. It's a bonus when your mechanic is clairvoyant.

    Seriously, what would your mechanic know about your developing riding skills?
  7. The question is - do you have 10,000 kms of experience or do you have 1kms worth 10,000 times?
  8. Guys, guys! OP has at least committed to getting some serious saddle time in; I'd love to know how many upgrades are on the basis of only half, or even a quarter of this road exposure. And Tony, isn't all riding really the same thing done correctly over and over, just adjusted to the prevailing conditions? OP is still on his wheels, so he must be doing something right.

    And to unconnected, you clearly know squat about Kymco. Having been part of a team that has put more than 60 hours of scooter racing on a stock Kymco engine with not a trace of trouble apart from melting the exhaust pipe, I think the brand deserves respect. The Taiwanese know how to make stuff, as Honda appreciated when they used Kymco as a parts subcontractor for some of their Japanese-built engines.
  9. My point is that it's not how far you've ridden but what you've actually learned. Here we have someone who obviously takes his learning seriously. Just the act of asking someone if he's ready to move on is an indicator of that.

    Unfortunately there really are people out there who don't learn and remain stuck in a rut.

    As for the Kymco comment, agree wholeheartedly. The Taiwanese have been producing some high quality machines for some time.
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  10. I know it Tony; my comment was tongue in cheek. Raid tells me some of his mates are hot to upgrade but have less than a tenth of OP's time up, and Raid's latest ride report seems to confirm that some people wait out the time instead of doing the riding. Then there's the refuse-to-learn-any-more riders you mention. It's a worry.
  11. Good point Bumblebeeman1150.

    Aste9974, the posters above may sound a little harsh but the mechanic can only make an assessment from the condition of the tyres, Not a lot to go on if he hasn't actually been out riding with you. If you feel ready to upgrade, fine, go ahead, keeping in mind that it is an ongoing learning experience.

    Good Luck, Ride safe.
  12. Congratulations, your next goal: 100,000km.

    Get cracking.
  13. :rofl:

    Srsly, when you feel comfortable jumping on a bigger bike then that is time for you .... Stay upright mate!