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VIC 1 Week - Motorcycle/Scooter Riders wanted

Discussion in 'Employment' started by mike8863, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Got this in my inbox yesterday...just passing it on in case anyone is interested


    If you are interested please call Nicky Smead @ Driver Hire to discuss on 9369 2333 or reply with your name and contact number

    MUST HAVE – MOTOR BIKE LICENCE – please do not apply if you do not have Current Motor bike licence

    Friday 26th August – Friday 2nd September – Full Time Hours – 1 week assignment

    $25.00+ per hour + penalties + superannuation

    Based: All over Melbourne

    Driving a Scooter for delivery of Promotional Food Products throughout Melbourne Metro and surrounding suburbs.

    Motorbike Licence, Own reliable transport. Must be able to commence work on Friday.

    Please call Nicky Smead @ Driver Hire to discuss on 9369 2333

    Kind Regards

    Nicky Smead
    Recruitment Co-ordinator – Victoria

    We have moved! New details below:

    Driver Hire Australia

    Supplying Logistics Professionals DH


    : 03 9369 2333

    dh Appointments Victoria Pty. Ltd.
    Unit 3B, 141 Dohertys Road Laverton North, Vic 3026


  2. Geez $25 an hour and you'll be running around burning fuel and adding km to your bike. Not that I'm in the market for this type of thing anyway, but that's cheapskate as...!
  3. It's not clear whether you use your own bike or theirs, but it hints at being theirs.
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  4. Fair point, missed that. Still, don't get out of bed for that sort of $$.
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  5. Those with dignity need not apply :cautious::cautious:
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  6. oh my gawd - such a Diva !
  7. ??? since when does dignity get in the way of thrashing the shit out of anything with 2 wheels and getting paid for it....especially if your a student or employed by centrelink
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  8. That's "supermodel" to you sir...
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  9. which is the very definition of a diva
  10. Stop confusing me with long words.

    And my agent will be sending both of you a bill for my time in replying.
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  11. What they haven't mentioned is what you'll actually be doing.....
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  12. Love the look on the wanna be male model in pic 2

    Fabulous darrrrlings
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  13. I'm down for it. Bike is a piece of shit but and I'm on a police suspension - that cool?
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. If I wasn't busy (being employed) I'd be down for it just for the fun of it (experience) as long as the hours were reasonable.