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1 sleep till Tassie :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. After lots of counting down, we now have only 1 sleep to go!!
    Tomorrow night (after coffee of course) Dave, myself and the 2 kids are heading over to Tassie on the boat for 6 wonderful nights :grin:
    We are taking the car, will take the bikes next time, minus kiddies ;)
    Sat and Sun night in Hobart, Mon night in Port Arthur, Tues night in launceston and then back top Devonport and on the boat on Wednesday night. Home again Thursday.

    Just thought I would share that with everyone :p

    Oh and thanx to Sobil and Tiny who are house sitting HQ for us while we are gone.

    Sobil, the Across keys are coming with me ;)
  2. Have a great trip Flipper...

    And wear padded pants, you'll be kicking yourself the whole way round for taking too many wheels!
  3. Nah, for some strange reason I'm just happy enough to be going on the boat and travelling around in the Vitara, I just hope the weather stays fine cause all the places we have booked into bar one have a pool :grin:

    The Spirit of Tasmania and the Port Arthur ghost tour will be my highlights :grin:
  4. Have fun Deb, Dave, Jayden and miniflip. :wink: :)

    :grin: :grin:
  5. Have a truly restful break, folks. Take lots of lovely pics and come back and provoke more Tassie jealousy in the rest of us!
  6. Have a great trip!

    Tassie rawks :)
  7. You're going to have a ball. Port Arthur is just great and the ghost tour is really fun for the kids.

    Sobil, thbox of toys are hidden in the
  8. hey thats my job ( not that i've found it b4 or anything )

    :LOL: :twisted: :p :LOL:
  9. Elephant Pancakes, near St. Helens on the east coast, is highly recommened if you are taking the coast road (and if your not, why bloody not!) on teh way back to Launceston.

    Hope you all have a really great trip! Tassie is just magic, and you'll enjoy yourself heaps no matter how many wheels your on.
  10. Hope you, Dave and the kids have a good time down there,

    Simple Simon.....Don’t stick your fingers into the toy box with out 1st checking it’s safe to, and if you do..... i know of the best hospital to go to …. To put them back on!
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  12. Hey Deb, just saw ur pics...there gr8!! :) Went 2 Tassie last year for 3 dayz with a couple of girls from work...NEVER AGAIN!! :? I took my car & we stayed in Hobart & all they wanted 2 do for 3 dayz was SHOP...YES SHOP!! :evil: We cud hav done that in bloody Melbourne!! We never got 2 c any of the sights, nor did we even drive anywhere other than around the Hobart shopping centres!! Now I Love 2 shop, don't get me wrong but wen uv'e only got 3 dayz in Tassie...WELL!! :(
    Looks like u crammed so much in that...umm...well...I'm bloody jealous!!
    Just kidding...Gr8 2 c u had a gr8 time & next time I go, well...I'll make sure I pick the rite people 2 go with!! lol
  13. glad you guys had a good time.. i love it down there.. because im from there i dont really tend to take many photo's when i go. bit of a shame really, a habit i should change maybe. its great looking through your photo album and seeing all the places i remember going myself on my recent trip..

    and how good is the boat ride huh?? hope your trips werent too rough..