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1 point challenge cancellation avoidance. [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I have a friend that has only 2 weeks left until he completes his 12 months on the one point challenge, but he has been snapped by a road-side camera on the freeway and is about to cop a 3 point penalty. Has anyone got any ideas on how to get out of copping the 6 month penalty from scoring points while on the 12 month bond?

    He is willing to pay $100 per point to get him to the end of his bond and offer the points back at no charge should that person need them after the said bond is over in 2 weeks time.

    All PM's treated discreetly.


  2. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    I did get a laugh when that person posted it and then
    "Johnny Oh like this"
    It's not too bad a position, I think there might be a chance
  3. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    Can he just not pay the fine, and draw it out past the 2 week mark??
  4. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    you've got plenty of points don't you rdkls
  5. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    Once paid, points are dated back to original offense so that won't work.
  6. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    True. Even if disputed, if the infringement is found to hold, then the date of the offence will trip up the person.

    If the discreet PM option doesn't work, check the photo. If there's any doubt, then take the case to the lawyer of www.trafficlaw.com.au who'll review your case and give you an opinion of your chances - for his nominal fee... A thumbs up means lodging an objection, which means a court appearance eventually and about $1400 in lawyer costs - or use legal aid if you qualify - or represent yourself if you have the kahonies (make sure you go to a bunch of magistrate court hearings to get the flavour of how it works)
  7. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    When he pays the fine, if he writes them a cheque for a few dollars MORE than the fine states and sends it to them in the mail, they legally have to refund him that money and will send a cheque back for a couple dollars.

    Never cash that cheque, and it will never be finalised.. thus no points loss
    But he still payed the fine so can't get in trouble

    I know for a fact it works in QLD ;) .. Don't know about anywhere else though

  8. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    You sure? Twould suck.

    I was pinched speeding on my Ps, just after they introduced the one speeding offence = minimum 3 month suspension for P platers. Through some creative appeal tactics I delayed taking the fine until I was on my fulls so didn't have to lose my license.
  9. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    Doesn't work anymore.
  10. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    Hey JO, I was meant to contact said person but concluded the same things here.

    If it's contested and failed, the point will be back dated, thus failing the 1 point challenge.

    Check the photo, Ground Level, 277 William Street, Melbourne, 3001, ph 9200 8111, ( <-- fukn fuk fuk, I just typed that out off memory). The photo can be viewed for free or purchased for $7.50 (ok this is getting scary), the photo you can buy is an absolute fukn piece of crap, tiny and low res. Viewing it in person lets you zoom in on the high-res digital image.

    Things to check for are metal signs in the back ground of the bike and other cars in the image. Just realised, that applies for mobile cameras, was it a fixed camera or mobile? If it's fixed I'm not sure, haven't had to deal with one of those yet, mobile you can check for breaches against the camera's operation. Before going in to check the photo, read the Traffic Camera Office Operators Manual (cant find link atm) first, understand it, then go in and view it, free to view. Well almost free, Civic 'where a bunch of total fukheads' Compliance manage to employ the biggest most absolute arsehollist c%&^s there are.
  11. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.


    Tried it in every form, however I know how wipe off 13 days of a suspension... (i.e. a 1 monther turned into an 18 dayer)
  12. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.


    If you choose to contest it or delay payment, your effectively saying no one else was riding. So if you don't win the contest, you'll get the demerit points and be screwed. You need to decide from square one whether to contest it or get someone else to take the points.

    I couldn't get anyone else to take my last points, they had too many photos of me in my jacket on my bike... :(
  13. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    I was unreliably misinformed once that a motorcycle rider acquaintence had an interstate friend visiting who rode his bike and tripped a camera. The acquaintence stat decced that his mate was riding the bike at the time. The stat dec however had a few details inadvertently incorrect and the fine hadn't landed on the other rider at the time I spoke with this acquaintence... apparently the TCO have only so much resource to chase down interstate offenders.

    Note: lying on a stat dec is a seriouis offence.
  14. Maybe someone with an overseas licence was riding it at the time (like a backpacker?)

    Before I moved here I spent a year backpacking and got busted speeding by a cop (wasn't my fault, we had disconnected the speedo on the hire car :angel:). Anyway I just filled in the back of the fine stating I wished to dispute it in court and put my address in the UK. Funnily, I never heard anything more about it. :D
  15. Ok. If you are going to be silly enough (gutsy enough) to try the "point substitution" scheme DO NOT ADVERTISE IT HERE.

    It is an offence to give a false declaration on the infringement notice.

    Vicpol can will and have checked suspicious declarations.

    Mods my advice is take this and any future posts of it's kind down immediately.
  16. Understand what you are saying but "taking it down"?? I think people are adults enough to make the choice to post it or not.

    I have heard of people that have sought out Indian students to take the fine. Demerit points are not accrued on International Licences.
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  18. so presumably your mate got 5 points whilst still on his P's, elected to take the challenge and failed. is that right?
  19. Re: 1 point challenge cancellation avoidance.

    Marc I have some, my problem is not points but one offence with a mandatory suspension attached (not that that's any better)