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1 or 2-piece leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chillibutton, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Wifie has booked HART Advanced 3 at Broadford, and needs to get leathers. She has kevlar jeans and textile jacket at present so leathers was always going to be on the cards at some point. She's looking at 1 piece racesuits, but I'm thinking a 2 piece zip together option would be more practical for most riding activity (taking jacket off when hot, being about to mix jacket with jeans for short rides, and oh yes, peeing! Its unlikely that she (or I) will do too many track days, and our road riding is not flat out knee down sort of stuff, so looking for some input from you knowledgable creatures on what may suit best (pun intented)...

  2. 2 piece for what you want to do chilli all day long.
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  3. 2 piece is more practical, especially for women who have smaller bladders than men.
  4. Really depends on the wants of the rider, brand, size, application and requirement as each has its own good and bad points.
    But ugh I personally haaate 2 piece suits. (I am selling one ATM though Dainese size 44, black 2 piece Victoria suit worn about 3 times if interested haha)
    Being a woman I find there is just too much bulk around the waist and this area fluctuates on me if I even dare to look in the direction of cake so one piece it is. Its just got more give, less bulk and is more comfortable, both on the track and on the street.
    fwiw I have absolutely no problem with toilet stops (although find the men stop more often than me to pee on rides (just sayin)
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  5. 2 piece for me. I bought a shiny new 1 piece over a year ago but I still much prefer wearing my old battle scarred 2 piece on track days. So much easier to get in and out of, and you can zip the jacket off between sessions if its warm. I know people talk of 2 piece suits coming apart during a crash but Ive never had any trouble in a few offs that Ive had. Has anyone actually seen this happen first hand??? or is it just a biking old wives tale like the bloke who grinds his entire chin off crashing in an open faced helmet?
  6. Two piece. Definitely. So much easier on the day to take off / gear up between sessions.

    I carry an extra belt for when I take off the top jacket to keep the 'pants' in place.

    As to the bulk around the waist comment - just get some leathers made for you. Panik racing did mine for $920 (costs start at $750 with add on costs for perforated sections, colours, personalised patches, sliders etc) made to measure. Perfect fit. Could not be more happy with the outcome.
  7. Thanks for the input, interesting to hear it from a woman's POV, I'm agreeing with all the guys so far but I'm open to debate lol.

    Where are you advertising the Dainese 2 piece, and what size is a female 44 in english - if you could let me know approx height/weight (pm if you prefer lol) that would be appreciated.
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  8. Thanks fellas for the feedback, I'm hearing what I thought from all of you barring my above comment whcich needs to be taken into account as well!
  9. Good timing....I'm looking at buying leathers soon too and was wondering whether to go 1 or 2 piece. Think I'll go two piece.
  10. What works for you might not for her, and there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on the bike.
    The suit is on track junkie sales on Facebook. I'm 162cms and was about 65 kilos when it fitted at its best. probably about a size 10-12 I'd say. Ii did find the 2 piece to be somewhat smaller fit than the one though.
  11. Thank you, I don't have F/B so I'll get her to check it out....how much are you asking btw?
  12. $395.00, think its a Victoria 2 piece. I bought it 2 years ago now. But have barely worn it.
  13. T
  14. I have both. Wear the two piece for most road riding and the one piece for the track. The one piece is perforated which is a big advantage and I like the extra support it gives. And I feel faster in it! Less fond of the pre pit stop chicken dance.
  15. If there's a choice - take perforated top if possible. Easy to wear some extra skins / warm layers underneath if it's a old day, but if it's warm.....

    Also, when fitting - if you're planning on wearing a back protector take that with. Nothing worse than having to breath out before you zip up!
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  16. Not yet, in nearly ten years of repairing leathers, although connection zippers can be damaged and require replacement.
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  17. Thanks for all the feedback folks, much appreciated, really helped to make a quick decision. We move fast here in the chillibutton family, and after the Mrs tried a one piece at PS and hated it we went straight to an eBay seller I'd been in touch with, tried out and purchased a great 2 pc set of perfect fitting Alpinestar leathers (genuine) for a great price of $250!! Happy days, it's been a good week with the great purchase of a black CB400 (only 1200km on the clock) on Monday. The leathers even match!!

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  18. Well done, looks great
  19. Awesome outcome.
  20. I've got both. Prefer one piece in the cooler months - better sealing, very comfortable when touring with thermals underneath this time of year. I'll often wear a vest or sleeveless jacket over it - mostly for the pockets. Generally I won't go with the one-piece unless I'm going to be on the bike for several hours.

    Short rides around home? - better accommodated by two piece due the the ability to mix and match. The fit of one piece is more critical. It's hard to estimate how long it will take to "grow out of" a snug one piece or how much room one has available underneath for thermals or other clothing to accommodate colder temps or ones individual situation.

    If you ride for many years, and in many conditions, you end up with lots of choices if you don't ditch things that work. Textile, leather, old, new. There is always clothing out there I would like to try, I don't have Kevlar reinforced jeans or perforated leather. There is always somewhere to go with this. It's nice to be able to pick the gear that is just right for the conditions which prevail or might be predicted. There is no one set that is perfect for all situations.

    Riding gear is such a personal choice.

    I'm happy to hear you got something that suits your needs perfectly Chillibutton, - and from an on-line seller too! I think that is always such a punt.