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1 More Sleep

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. I have just been told I'm all set to pick up my new Bandit tomorrow. Yippee!!!!! :LOL:
    When I ordered it, a month didn't seem long to wait. But it is. It's about 43,500 minutes. :?
    I'll post pix tomorrow. :wink:

  2. WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!
  3. Congrats, but please never say that about a month..

    Because its 3 until I get fulls :mad: :cry: 120,000 minutes? :(
  4. Mate, I wish you all the best of luck waiting that many minutes :LOL:
    When you (I) first say its only a month to wait, gives me more time to save etc, it doesnt seem that long but waking up and seeing the weather we have had every day seems to drag.
    Throw in a little Suzuki shipping drama and it was a long time.
    I'll be a happy boy tomorrow however and I'll soon forget all about the 43,500 mins.
    Bring on 11:00am!
  5. Awesome, congrats dude. Know how you felt, I'm waiting for mid Nov for my bike to come in. Gives me a chance to save a bit more though I guess.
  6. good on you =D. I was planning on getting a Bandit, but I found a cheaper bike. They seem like very good first bikes. Have fun with it =D

    phong =P~
  7. How many minutes left now? Are you itchin' to get there? Will you sleep tonight? :grin:
  8. oooo oooooh how excitement :grin:
  9. bastard!

    enjoy it, looking forward to pics :)
  10. Congratulations! :beer:

    You did well waiting a month. I ordered a new SV1000s last Monday, and told them I wanted to pick it up on Friday. :)
    A credit to my dealer it was in Friday and and they let me help with the pre delivery so I could take it home. :grin: 3 days and it’s time to book in for the first service.
  11. Thats awesome spin! Your 650 up for sale now? :wink:

    I expect a review from you about the transition!

    And I want a writeup from you too 2 wheelsagain!

  12. The 650 is gone, had a friend who wanted to upgrade from a 250. I will do a review as soon as she is run in.
  13. I knew all along there was no K8's in the country.
    It turns out that every Bandit ordered in this container has been sold too, so if anyone is after one there is a 4 week wait again. :cry:
  14. Hang in there! I'll keep you company in the waiting process :D
  15. Well , thats not right . None that can be bought perhaps ... no , thats not right either.
  16. I'm sorry, you must have seen a different Suzuki Aust inventry list to me then. :p
    Doesnt matter now.
  17. ummm, twas a joke . No more K8's in the country ...I'm k8 .. doesn't matter.
    Enjoy your bike , its a beaut.
  18. Congrats mate, i can remeber when i ordered my 06 636, the day it was there, it turned up at 10am and i had to wait till 4pm to pick it up... the WAIT!!!!

    its the same now i am really keen to jump back in the saddle and i have a zx9r coming but within the next 2 weeks so more waiting, but its all worth it! I have bought heaps or new gear also!!

    Hope your lovin it mate! cause its the best feeling!
  19. Congrats on the new bike.. The wait is so agonising to say the least..