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1 more mid life crisis

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ChuppaChup, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I just got my L's last week at the ripe young age of 35 =D>

    It's been something that I've wanted to achieve since i was 15, but somehow got sidetracked along the way.

    Last December the brother in law let me take a spin on his Monster 900 and I made the decision to go through with attaining a riding license.

    I've just bought a Spada from QLD and the transport co is picking it up tuesday (hope it gets here quick).

    Having owned several cars so far including track dedicated ones, they all gave me amazing levels of thrills. But nothing quite like riding a motorbike (my sister has a vespa and right now even that was fun to ride).

    Being an avid cyclist I hope I'm a little aware of the hazards while i learn to ride a motorcycle, i mean cycling is further down the vehicular food chain that motorised transport.

    This forum community (lurked here for about a month) looks really friendly and hopefully I'll be able to join some rides/events.
  2. Hello and welcome onboard ChuppaChup.
  3. You're too young to be having a mid life crisis. Welcome to your early life crisis .. oh and to NR too :LOL:
  4. friendly? no chance, helpful yes :) welcome mate
  5. Welcome to your early mid life crisis oh and NR.
  6. Re: 1 more mid life crisis - It's here!!! - Meet Astro

    It finally arrived yesterday!

    It was a bit of an ordeal for me to get it started (i suck so far at motorbikes).

    Turns out the tank had been drained prior to delivery (had about 1/2 a litre of fuel in) and for the life of me i couldn't get it started. ](*,)

    I checked spark (didn't take the plugs out at first, just used another plug i had lying around) and it was good, so i chucked in some fuel via the airstacks to the carbs, this fouled the plugs and it didn't start until i cleaned the plugs.

    After that it is all good, I took the headlight off to replace the lamps on the guages and took the opporunity to paint the headlight brackets black (had surface rust).

    Here's a couple of pics
    Ebay pic
    Why it's called Astro
    At home in the garage with his friends

    I finally have the garage I've always wanted =D>
  7. Re: 1 more mid life crisis - It's here!!! - Meet Astro

    Very nice bike, I cant believe they drained the fuel on you.........Obviously not a Netrider member....bastards.

    I would find your garage a little too small, so what the yellow thing up the back with the bonnet up......TR7 maybe??

    Cheers Paul.
  8. Welcome to NR mate, yes I agree you need a bigger garage. Anyway love the Astro Hope you not try to fly on the bike like the Astro.
  9. Welcome mate! Never too old to start! Watching a bloke on a Spada made me start riding. The cycle continues.
  10. Oh, if the bike's called Astro...it only runs on kokoro!

    Welcome to NR, hope you have more fun on the bike than any car could give ya
  11. I wish for a bigger garage everyday. That's the downside of living in a unit.

    The yellow is a track only mx5 that's had a bit of a hit in the bum :(
    For 'spirited' moments the red mx5 comes out to play, with 150Kw in a 900Kg package, the wind in the hair makes for a really enjoyable drive.
    Otherwise i drive the ute that stays on the street.

    I'm not expecting to be faster on this or any bike really, I'm hoping to just enjoy it. It would also be nice to be as smooth on the bike as in the car.
    I've started to notice how calming riding smoothly can be. I think this is going to be a nice little adventure :)
  12. Agreed, way too early for a mid-life crisis, but welcome to the madness anyway :).