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1 month old vespa rear ended by p plater

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by dobryden, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. After years and years of wanting one, i bought a minta ET8 with low miles, just 11k on the clock. She is black, a 150 and does a tonne no worries. After bali and renting them over there i just had to get one.
    Sad to say after 1 month I was rear ended by a 20 year old moron, no doubt texting, or facebooking on her iPhone, not watching what shes doing. She is a student and uninsured.
    Not sure what to do...You cant really get blood out of a stone aye...
    just had to vent that...

  2. That's a bummer. Are you insured. If you are they should be able to sort you out.

    Anyway welcome to the forum.
  3. That stone has rocks (parents).

    In any case, if it really was her fault and it is worth enough you can pursue it through the courts and you can get her salary garnished or something.

    Is there much damage?

  4. Geeze. Seems like third party property insurance should be compulsory.
    If she doesn't even have that, I'd say you probably won't get anything from parents.
  5. thanx alot for the replies and welcoming. Ive been a motorbike fan for years but never owned one. I usually rent when overseas though. My favourite riding is India on an Enfield and Mallorca Spain on a Gilera 500. I know a vespa aint really a motorbike, but i like em all. For living in sydney, the scooter besides flying has gotta be the quickest way around.
    Damage wise it doesnt look too bad. The tub is bent in on one side at rear and makes the bike look a little lop sided. One indicator is busted, but the globe is yellow and thats intact so all is working. The number plate came off, the back wheel huggers ripped off, somehow the mirror on one side not damaged but got pushed around so the mirror dont tighten in the right spot. my handle bars are off centre and one side of a lower trim broke as did the back trim the number plates on. The seat catch twisted and the underseat compartment has assorted cracks. theres a few very minor scratches here and there. quote from repairman is $4118. alot of that quote was a bit crazy, like a new seat for 300 which isnt damaged at all. Im tryna get the chick to use her parents insurance and say they were driving. My girlfriend spoke to the mother today which was a breakthrough. She was nice and we might be alright. Im prepared for the worst though and will fix it myself if need be. id panel the tub and buy some bits. get it done for under a grand. i know i shouldnt have to but...
    Im still riding it and i guess in some weird way i was lucky. she hit me at about 50ks while i was stationary and my back wheel kinda rode up her bonnet, so the impact was cushioned. The chasis seems fine. shes cornering alright, like normal. Im still using for work as i need to, but i gaffa the number plate on...pain in the arse. no joy rides til repaired though...
    I really dont get the drivers here. People are in another world. On a bike you are constantly alert and in Indo, India, China etc EVERYONE is alert, and watching everything. They casually pass and as they do oncoming cars move aside etc. This is actually the second time this has happened to me in 5 years except last time i was in a car, but it was still a young girl on the phone a million miles away. I was in the right lane indicator on to turn right. she was about 400 metres back. she just drove straight into me.
    So im now wearing my high vis vest!!!
    Nice to find this forum have a good weekend folks.
  6. Welcome to the forum dobryden...

    So YOU'VE been riding 1 month? You on L's?
    You wanna maybe give us the full story before pingin it on a P plater. No doubt texting??? huh?? What did you see her doing that or are you just submizing? I can see you're angry....glad to here you're ok though. Definately take it through the legal system.

    Did you lane split up to the front then she took off faster than you?
  7. think the OP said he was stationary, when the car hit him at 50kmph...
    and go for a spin around the cbd. 7 out of 10 drivers would be using their mobilephones while driving....

    dobryden...feel sad for you and your ride :| hurts a lot when you see your ride go down for no fault of yours :|

    i can understand to the word when you describe about riding in Indian traffic, and being alert. hehehe :)

    I have been riding for 12years, 10 out of which in India. Riding around in AU seems like a walk in the park after that sometimes :)
    And am always, even unintentionally alert for everything going around me, even for the cars stopped on a red signal :p

    If I were you, I would have made sure that all the bills are paid by her. If she can afford a car, a cellphone and the other luxuries of life, am sure she can figure out how to take responsibilities of her own actions.
  8. Maybe it's because I'm a vindictive prick, but if someone does something stupid and takes me out, I'm damned well going to make sure the cops are called and they get a ticket so it's on their record that they can't drive worth a rat's ass. Might help someone else down the road showing a history of shit driving.
  9. Yeah, I'm of the same school of thought as Grue. That shit can kill people - f**k her and her parents and keep on her case. But maybe we're both bastards.
  10. Bastard Crew, unite!
  11. Your reply didn't mention if you have insurance or not?
  12. Probably not, otherwise you'd claim on that and nominate the other driver as being responsible.
  13. Just report it to police, might make her think before texting again. Probably won't get your money back though because that is a civil matter, but she will cop a fine out of it.
  14. The OP doesn't know if she was texting or not.... "no doubt texting"
    is not proof that she was.
  15. still report it to the police, she is at fault she rear ended you, and police can do checks on the mobile to see if she was using it at the time.
  16. I have been riding for 21 years but never owned a bike. i usually rent.
    I was stationary. someone , yep another p plater stopped for no reason on a tight corner. i stopped , and the girl didnt cause she wasnt watching the road.
    car drivers are always using their phones in town and it hinders theyre ability to function 100% so they cut corners, literally & dont indicate etc.
    i might be alright anyway. Ive learned my lesson though. ill get insured myself too.
    thanx for the replies folks. im totally cool with it now and know that you must get the cops involved straight away. I dont know if she was texting - sorry i just said she might have been - either way i stopped for long enough to put my feet on the ground so she really was in another world because i was stopped for about 5 seconds.
    Yeah India and Sri Lanka can be pretty full on for riding aye. The petrol they use is really dirty too so you gotta wear a mask. Then theres all the buses and trucks that overtake on blind corners!! But i love the way everyone on the road there watches out for each other and theres no road rage at all. The thought of road rage in india, sri lanka china etc is absurd!
    I took the bike to get a quote and the repair man told me a story of a guy who just came in with a wrecked vespa. His story was , he was merging, but not fast enough for some driver behind him, who got really mad and just run him of the road, wrote the bike off and put him in hospital. Just yesterday i almost got cleaned up by a bus that just changed lanes no indication and didnt see me. Man you gotta have your wits about you aye!!
  17. Pursue it. Send her a letter of demand at least. If she doesnt pay you can take it to small claims and represent yourself. Most people pay anyway as it wont be a huge debt and most people can scrounge it from parents.

    If she doesn't pay you can get the sherriff to make a Notice of Judgement over her property so that it can be sold. This could include her iPhone.

    If her iPhone was sold to pay for the debt how sweet would that be. Cmon make it safe for the rest of us.
  18. +1 about letter of demand and small claims!
  19. 4 years ago my son was in the same position , stationary, indicator on and waiting to turn right , rear ended and was killed, not by a p plater but by a professional courier driver. You are lucky you are here to tell your story . Just glad to hear your ok .