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1 Million Dollar helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jun 15, 2011.

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  2. I'd rather buy 2 investment properties, 1 personal property and build a big garage with that sort of money...
  3. back to school for someone to learn the proper useage of the decimal point
  4. People being (absent minded) people nowadays, I'd say he's testing the waters. Someone incredibly intelligent enough will click on 'Buy It Now'...
  5. Yeah nah.
  6. Not going to lie, I had my mouse over it a good 45 seconds.
  7. If youve got a cool mill to burn, ive got a new sports bag that you could stuff a couple $100 bills :p
  8. It must be Lire :)
  9. This is why you should always log out of eBay.
  10. You know all those people that justify spending HUGE amounts on a helmet by saying "how much is your head worth?" I wonder if their heads would be 900k+
  11. WTF? "Gender: Boys"
  12. Spot on I think given the sellers location. Approx US$695
  13. Price: AU $946,465.00
  14. Given it's a Bayliss helmet he's logged on to ebay.com.au for a better chance of selling it and forgot about the currency being in AU.
  15. can you do that? I thought ebay was smarter and would a) not let you sell items other than in your specific ebay locale and b) default to your locale's currency.

    either way I've seen some pretty solid decimal errors. best was probably an RX-8 in SA that was going for 320k, in the ad the seller said the price was a mistake and he had really meant to type 3.2mil (made the same dec error twice). makes you wonder...
  16. I think you can go on to whatever you like. I've just been looking at http://www.eim.ebay.eu/

    If you do a search on something and there is nothing on the AU ebay it will list international sellers that have items matching the search. Their price will show in their currency but ebay will convert it as well as you are logged into the AU version.

    This didn't happen for the helmet as it is an australian listing not an international listing.

    Also if the helmet was $946,000 you could think it was the decimal place but when it's $946,465.00 it doesn't make sense. He's also sold over 7,000 items with a rating of 98.9% so I don't think he's a scammer.
  17. it only shows international items if they ship to your locale. bit strange they let you list directly to overseas markets
  18. obviously worth it
  19. did anyone happen to take notice how much the ****ing thing says it weigh's?
  20. About the same as a Takamii? Maybe a little more?