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1 in 50 drivers on drugs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. 1 in 50! And that's just the drugs they can test for. :shock:
  2. I love nothing more than shooting some H, snorting some K and downing some E, after a sip or two of G and taking the subie out for a run.

  3. but when are they testing? i mean if they've got the drug bus sitting outside a rave at 6 in the morning, then theres a pretty good chance they're gunna catch one or two :LOL:
  4. Wow, you've got half of the alphabet there!!!

    But seriously, hasn't there been some considerable doubt placed upon the accuracy of the Victorian drug testing programme? (seem to recall reading that in the news somewhere)

    Having said that, I'm not disinclined to believe it, because, judging by some of the riding/driving/walking that I see around here, there's only 2 possible explanations; drugs or total stupidity (or, perhaps, both)

    I know there has been a lot of discussion lately about the effect that drugs have on drivers, but, surely, if taking something impairs in ANY way your ability to ride/drive, you shouldn't be doing it.
  5. The cops are more likely to just take the sniffer dogs inside the rave than sit outside it waiting to catch high ravers driving home :)
  6. The problem with the accuracy is it's picking up drug use after it's effectively stopped affecting your system.

    From memory (so if I'm wrong, don't cry):

    Cannabis can be detected in your system for up to 3 months after you've had it.

    The first bloke who got busted admited to using, but 4 days ago. The follow up lab test confirmed that.

    The police are only after people driving while under the influence, not people who use. So that's why he got off.
  7. So there isn't actually any law against using an illegal drug that they could have booked him for?
  8. OK, I thought I recalled something like that.

    So, what's the residual for the other recreational drugs?
    Anybody know??
  9. Sniffer dog's can be bribed like every other cop, a couple of e's wrapped in some shmacko's and they're off their teets.

  10. The law might be on possession of the actual drug, not the use of. I dunno, just guessing.

    But the whole aim of the testing was not to be all "Big Brother".

    Because then they could just stop random people in the street and test them.

    (I remember the old vagrancy law in Qld. If you had less than $20 in your wallet, you could be put in jail for the night for vagrancy. A mate of mine actually got done for that once when he mouthed off to a cop while drunk).
  11. Why just target raves? I'm sure there's a lot of illegal drug use going on in the corporate and financial centres of the major cities, why not set up there and stop all the luxury european sedans and 4x4s?
  12. Or corrupted.

    This happened a couple of years ago in Sydney, when the cops started standing by stations with sniffer dogs, to do random searches.

    Bunch of dope fiends used to fill up water pistols with bong water and spray them around the station.

    Que middle aged suits walking through it, and the sniffer dog going crazy. Same thing happened in San Fran (before Sydney, which is where the Syd guys got the idea).
  13. Further to this, it has been revealed that:

    9 out 10 drivers drive like they are on drugs
  14. cuz demz fellaz gotz lawyer folk. Police are lazy they like to open and shut. Forget this legal proceedings business.
  15. Yeah, but a yuppie pub vs a club, and your %er of off your faces is much, much higher in the club :)

    Though I remember at Wonderland New Years eve a few years ago, when the sniffer dogs were going through everyone getting in, the number caught was miniscule.

    Why? In the queue, look up ahead. Oh shit there's dogs. Quick everyone swallow what you've got.

    Or as we managed to convince one bloke to shove it where the sun don't shine :)
  16. It's called "plugging it" and actually gives you an increased high. Or, so I have been told.

  17. Not when it's still in the plastic bag it don't. Or it might if you lean that way.
  18. bwahahahhaaa! Well, I guess they get smuggled inside someone's rectum at some point. Can't hurt to return to the source now and then, can it?

    8) :LOL:
  19. Well, they do call it sh!t...