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+1 for Shark Helmets and Team Moto

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Data Queue, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. So I bought myself on June 30 a Shark Speed R helmet for my birthday in July (same as pictured below). Very nice helmet all round.


    The issue was that the vent (top rear of the helmet) came off on the M3 at 110kph (I really was just crusing along minding my own business that day). I heard a rattle and then nothing by the time i pulled over. Was apparently the first time this has been seen (so I was told). The vent is nothing that detracted from the safety, and at no time did I feel unsafe with this helmet.

    Team Moto at Springwood were really helpful and Shark sent me out a new lid which I got a week later. Was really impressed with the Team Moto team for chasing it up without me having to hassle them.

    Should not have happened in the first place, but kudos all around!

    The helmet itself is pretty nice with the internal visor and has excellent ventilation compared to my previous helmets.

    Next Helmet I'll probably give Rhok a go, but this was an impulse purchase.
  2. Very nice helmet! How much did it cost?

    I didn't find the TeamMoto gents in Moorooka very helpful.
  3. $460, talked the guy down when I bought it. Must have got the discount due to the vent =P~

    I got the helmet at Springwood.

    I find the Marooka guys helpful too though. It helps to have bought 3 bikes off them (to clarify, the Hyo, my VFR and a Ninja 250 pressie).
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  4. That's the next helmet I want. Been looking at them for a little while now.

  5. i just bought a shark vision R and its pretty good so far.
  6. I am about to purchase this helmet exact one haha with my new bike it looks somewhat.. "sexy" in my eyes and cant wait to fit the shark bluetooth to it and a go pro :)
  7. Does the Vision-R and Speed-R have the same shape? - intermediate oval I think the Vision is.