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1 Day HART Course subsidised by Gold Coast City Council

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan_, Mar 16, 2009.

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  2. Your on the money with that one, thats damn cheap!

    Covers a lot too.
  3. I'd almost ride to QLD for that!!!
  4. They were running this last year as well.... I wanted to do it, but couldn't get time away from work. I intend to do the course this time around though..... damn good value too!!!


  5. damn that is good, cmon NSW gov, get your act together
  6. The GCCC ride is well worth the money. I did mine about 2 years ago in it's first year. For $45 we got a good 7 hours of riding and tuition, a polo shirt, lunch and water at each stop. The ride covers more road awareness than anything else. We followed the team leader for a couple of km's and watched how he behaved in traffic, then each rider took turns being in the lead of the individual groups. When we pulled over the team leader would discuss our good and bad things we did. Emphasis is placed on position of your bike when riding, giving yourself a good buffer zone and looking ahead at the traffic. We covered well over 250kms that day.
  7. So its not just for GCCC residents then?
  8. No it was available to any licenced rider,wherever you lived.
  9. WOW, this sounds brilliant. Go GCC!!!

    I have just emailed Newcastle & Lake Macquarie City Council's (my local area) with the link & request for something similar....at least put he thought in their minds.

    If they come back with a positive response I will post it in this forum. [-o<