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1 bike, no car - whose done it / doing it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by searchingmofo, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Hey guys

    Recently im faced with a decision, the general cost of owning and maintaining two vehicles is smashing my wallet. I own my bike aswell as a commodore, a v6 fuel gusling monster. Im gonna sell her and then PERHAPS get a cheap little run around to get me from A to B when needed. Then the thought comes, do i really need a car? Its extra cash in insurance rego maintenance fuel etc. with cost of living slowly going up and up, im sure many of you have done the math and came to the same conclusion.

    So who out here uses ONLY a bike for all your transport needs? If you do, how is it going? do you miss your car?

    I use my car for shopping and some trips to work when its pissing down, am feeling extra lazy / sick and cbf gearing up and when im going out with friends or to dinner / pick people up etc. Though im pretty confident that if i only had a bike id just make do and it should be fine. The only drama would be massive storms where its just not safe (though its not really safe in a car either).

    So yeah, whose done this before? what sort of dramas do you run into? or in this day n age, you basically need to have both?

  2. 2 bikes no car :p
  3. For the last 2 weeks i had no car. Had to give it to my partner. So i had to make do with the bike. And last Monday i was driving to work and i was on the Westgate bridge and it started to piss rain. And i got soaked. If i had the car i would have been warm and dry.
    So i reckon it is better to have the both of them. I no its a bit more money for the 2 of them but i think it is good having a car during the winter time.

  4. If you have a set of good wet weather gear you should stay pretty dry.

    If you do the sums, it's cheaper to use the bike for general transport and then use a cab to go shopping or a rental car on those odd occasions that you really need a car and a taxi is too expensive.

    My wife has a car but if I have to travel alone I just use the bike.
  5. 1 bike only. Sold a new car once I started riding because I didn't use it. Ride all weather. Would highly recommend.
  6. I did it as a teenager (whooo - 15+ years ago now!), and I fricken hated it. For me personally, commuting is best left for a car, and fun is best left for a bike.

    There are people who don't mind using their bike as a daily commuter, and you might be one of them, but you won't truly know until you try it for awhile.
  7. I sold my car to buy a bike and did without a car for 18 months. You will be able to get by without

    I found the difficulty was with the girlfriend. you loose the ablity to pick people up.thats the main issue.

    where i was lucky is that there is "good" public transport in my area. walking distance from the shops.

    going without a car for a little while is a certainly possible i wouldnt recommend it unless your really short on cash.
  8. GSXR 1000 gets me everywhere i want to go, other then that i get a friend to help me pick things up i cant carry on the bike (like an apple).
  9. I literally hang my weekly shopping bags off my handlebars. I've had over 8 bags before. Sometimes I fill up a backpack too if it's a big trip to the supermarket. Then I just carefully cruise home a few streets away.
  10. I went Bike only for 8 years.

    All the above work ... expandable back pack for shopping.

    Friends for moving stuff.
    Home delivery for big items.

    But mostly, this was the time I REALLY learnt to ride.

    From the day I got my L plates, I had the bike only by choice.

    Riding everyday really hones your skills.

    Then another 6 with a car as well (kids !) then went five years without a bike at all.
    I wont do that again !
  11. Still doing it on a 600. Don't even have a car license.
  12. I'm at the cusp of buying my next transportation mode. Currently share my flat mates car which is fabulous but moving out of here soon so really tossing up whether I'll cope without a car.

    Things I think about is not being able to drive family/friends, and take my dogs to the vet.
  13. I'm 31 and have never owned a car, just bikes. It has it's ups and downs; it sucks when you're Ill.
  14. Currently two bikes no car. If you can't carry it on the bike you don't need it.
  15. Same. 33 and no car licence. I ride my pushbike to work if it's pouring and my motorbike every other day.

    Cars are over rated IMHO.
  16. 1 bike, soft saddle bags and a luggage rack when necessary.

    Gets me everywhere, carries anything I need to take with me.. and saves me money when I go shopping :p

  17. 2 bikes - 1 car

    Looking at getting rid of the car later this year.

    Coles online for shopping - deliver to your door.
    Furniture - most deliver for a fee.
    Public transport works well around my place too.
    Only waiting till Oct so I can pillion my son then the car goes!
  18. I'm doing it now - shared a car with the now ex, she kept the car, I've got the bike. Except the bike is off the road now, so I'm pedalling to work. I'm not fussed about riding in the rain (maybe I should have been...)

    It would be nice to have a car for shopping (backpack at a time means several trips per week) I need vet trips too (if they can walk, we walk, but if they can't I'm stuck looking for a sympathetic cabbie...) Can't carry a surfboard on the bike (although I'm sure people have tried)

    I'm tossing up between cabs/hiring when needed, joining one of those car share companies, or a 4-cyl Vitara or ute. Or just HTFU and deal with the inconvenience.

    Will look into Coles on-line now, thanks Zaphod!
  19. Been doing it for past 3 years, until I was called into the bosses office and given some advice.

    For the past six months, I have been riding whenever I can, and using a car when I have to.

    I seem to be a better person when I ride.
    Less stressed.

    As others have said, decent set of gear, place to change at work, and all is good.

    But it is often inconvenient to use the bike (lawnmowers?) so I bought a cheap $3k car to use as transport when needed.
    Works for me so far.
    $20k bike, $3k car!.
  20. never owned a car. now mid 30's. just bikes.

    does this make me weird or super environmentally friendly...just used partners :LOL: