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$1.95 Tank Protector

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Booki, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Ordered.
  2. Ordered
  3. Sorry for putting it in the wrong section to the mod that moved it.
  4. Sold out?
  5. The coupon code you entered has been disabled so it can't be used.
  6. Sold out acording to ozbargain, dam...If my credit card didn't get canceled i would have ordered a couple :(

    Thought they would be around for at least a few days or so. Lame.
  7. Glad I jumped in early then!! I gave them a 5c tip... and paid by bank deposit so they didn't get slugged with CC or PayPal fees - Cuz $2 is just an outright steal!

    Actually... I probably should have tried to get more than one! hah - Doh!
  8. gahh, how gay
  9. On the same topic, anyone know anywhere in Melbs that sells some funky looking tank protectors? PS in the CBD had a massive rack of them but they were all 30-50$ and kind of lame...
    I want something shexy to pimp my ride :D
  10. bought mine off fleabay..'Pro grip' for less than 10 bucks..not 40 from the bike shop.The resin didn't cover the entire thing..left a comment with the seller..5 days later I had replacement. (y)
  11. Did you pay in shillings? :p ha ha!
  12. DOH!..ten bucks..edited, fixed..can I has my dignity back now?
  13. no dignity for you :p

    oh okay... here ya go, *gives dignity back*
  14. ahhh....you hang on to it..have you read the embarrassing things thread ?
    I don't really need it.
  15. You guys know that $1.95 will get you a roll of duct tape, right :wink:

    - boingk