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1/4 mile drag racing, What to prepare?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by tim650, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Okay i think its time for me to take my bike on the track and race responsibly, the tension being sensible on the street is killing me, but nevertheless i manage not to do stupid things.

    Few questions to those who have, I read on the WSID (Western Syndey International Dragway) site they say the usual requirements such as helmets, gloves, pants, jacket and BOOTS. I dont have any yet, has anyone used shoes only, is it allowed?

    In preparing ur bike have you dropped tyre pressures for traction reasons or for take offs. I dont think my bike really needs it as its not a seriously fast machine, 650cc!

    Any other area's apart from usual checks should i do before racing?

    I want to race at WSID hopefully in the next few weeks when this weather is a bit better :roll:

  2. I'd guess the suspension could be tweaked for ideal straight line accel (err... I guess bumping up rear preload.. maybe might help).

    As for dropping pressure, I'd leave it as stock. Theoretically lower pressure would = more contact patch = more contact patch to put power down with. But on the other hand more contact patch = more drag. So I'd certainly not lower them. + if things go wrong you don't want retarded handling.
  3. Dress to crash, Tim. You just might.
  4. Yeah i think il leave my tyre pressures cause i dont want to stop past any petrol stations at 11pm trying to find a station with the tyre pressure tool on it, or if their 'out of order'.

    Fair call.
  5. I'm heading up there next Wednesday, I'll have to figure all this stuff out, then let you know.
  6. For sure let us know what happens and how you went.

  7. aV24Yqwr.
  8. It's not a drag bike, it's not a competition, and unless you get significant satisfaction out of an overall ET I would leave it exactly as you normally ride it. Have a bit of fun, and get used to the same setup you have every day. You're only beating yourself after all. (No pun about drag racers being wankers intended).
  9. Wha he^ said. Practice your launches at traffic lights, and be prepared for teh fact that teh drag strip will have LOTS of traction off the line, so accidental wheelies are a possibility.
    If teh bike starts getting out of shape at all during teh run, just back out of it, don't try to be the typical wanabe hero and ride it out, that always ends in splat.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Thanks guys, i wont neccessarily practice at traffic lights cause you can get done by the cops for taking off quick even if you haven't gone over the speed limit. I go on a farm road and practice riding the clutch for starts.
    But its no competition so its best to learn on the night, as previously said the track will be very grippy so this will change everything.
  11. Wow, not something i really wanted to see this time of morning :shock:
  12. I've never taken my bike on the strip, but I have done a few runs in my old monaro. So, the theory is the same.

    Most important thing is to BREATH & calm your nerves down. Don't let your adrenalin take over you. As you will most likely loose concentration and Fk something up.

    It'll take you a few runs to get your launch right, but the main thing is not to dial in too much revs, and don't just 'dump' the clutch, hold it on the edge of the friction point & then release it quickly.

    Get some decent leathers, boots & gloves before you even think of stepping on to the track.
  13. Slightly off topic (well, way off topic really) but I notice watching the NHRA Qualifying from Denver over the weekend that they now race over 1000ft instead of the usual 1/4 mile (1320ft).

    After the recent fatal crash of Scott Kalita in a Nitro Funny Car as a knee jerk react the NHRA mandated that they race to 1000ft until further notice.
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  15. Better have a fully prepared sphincter too.
  16. Got 4 runs in, 11.90, 11.98, 11.78, and then an 12.45. You'll need to have boots to pass scrutineering. Leave your bike as is, and don't bother doing a burnout. And unless you're going with someone you can leave it with, don't take anything you can't keep under your seat. And enjoy. It's a blast.
  17. Thats heaps good :applause:
    Yeah i checked all photo's from people racing their bikes at WSID and they all wore boots so looks like il be getting some.
    I wasn't gonna touch my bike or do a burnout, pointless for me.

    Can't wait...2 weeks :grin:
  18. I'm planning to take my bike down soon when I get some better gear.

    What bike do you have 2ndclasscitizen? Pretty consistant for your first time out. What MPH and 60ft times did you get?

    I don't think ANDRA will be following the NHRA. In the states there are some pretty questionable drag stips. They reckon WSID is one of the best strips in the world.
  19. Says in his profile 98 ZX-6r.
    I wanted to go round this time but weather has gotten very cold and rain has cancelled a few events on Wicked Wednesday.
    But once it starts to warm up :grin: