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1.2 billion Chinese...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, May 4, 2008.

  1. ...and all they can get is 21,000 to a MotoGP race! Any wonder they aren't going back there again after this year. :?

  2. 20,000 was Rossi's entourage :grin:

    Where were they sitting? The grandstands looked empty to me...
  3. What mouse-poor Chinese peasant can identify with bikes that cost a million dollars or more a piece? Of course they stay away..
  4. Re: 221 million Chinese...

    21k? I'll have to go back over the recording. I thought that "raceday attendance" was 120,000. Maybe I'm numerically dyslexic or something. I didn't think that the place had anywhere near that. Hell, PI had 50k, supposedly, last year and the place was packed to the rafters...
  5. So it was empty? I was looking at the grandstands, but they had colored seats that hide the emply stands so I wasn't quite sure.

    Good to see Rossi win though, always nice to hear that national anthem ... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. I'm pretty sure it said 127,000 Triway - but I'd also like to know where they were sitting :?
  7. Aww fark! Wasn't expecting to come across that StRider. :? Please remember to use SPOILER if you're gonna SPOIL it for others. Was gonna watch it later tonight...will still watch it, but damn man.
  8. StRider... you EEEEEEDJIT!!! :evil:
  9. Apologies, I didn't even think about it.

    Anyhow, c'mon people. Heaps of people watch Fox these days, or follow it online, even channel 10 had it free-to-air. How's someone supposed to know what to discuss these days and when to not?
  10. because under ANY cirumstances, race results are ALWAYS posted under the heading "SPOILER"......

  11. It's called brains.
    anyways call it a lesson in netiquette :)
  12. I think the attendance on the day was 21000 and 127000 for the 3 - 4 days overall, that's how I took it, but the Commentators took a swipe at the Chinese crowd during of just after the race (come to think of it I think it was after the Rider Interviews) That the Chinese officials are upset that MotoGP is leaving but with no spectator support it was bound to leave.
  13. I saw on the screen, prior to race start the text "Raceday attendance, 120,000" or thereabouts. It was definitely in the hundred thousand league. Well according to them it was.

    Probably because of a number of factors. The locals probably can't afford the tickets, they're pretty well excluded from accessing international news and events as everything that is presented to them is carefully whitewashed, massaged and editorialised along party lines. Sort of like the media here in Oz since Howard relaxed media ownership rules.

    Probably serves 'em right. Now I'd like to see the Olympics bite them in the arse in the same way...
  14. The Sunday attendance was in fact only approx 21000, and the reason is the MotoGP has absolutely no profile in China whereas everyone knows F1 because of names like Ferrari and Schumacher. The Chinese are totally brand driven. Names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Ferrari, not Yamaha and Rossi.

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. There is a large emerging middle and upper middle class in China, primarily in the coastal cities. This isn't 1970. China has more millionaires than Australia does...

    I remember reading somewhere that sports bikes are banned on Chinese roads. I could be mistaken, but if not then it's no surprise that something like MotoGP is a bit alien to them...
  16. Fairly sure anything over 250cc is banned in China, and most large cities have banned ALL motorcycles.
  17. Pretty ridiculous, considering the traffic congestion that China is going to experience in the coming years as more people buy cars. I guess people can still ride scooters, but damn...

    Another dot point to add to my 96 point list of why never to live in China.
  18. The reason they banned them was because of congestion, nearlly everyone had a scooter and was clogging the city, so they banned all bikes and forced everyone onto public transport (they invested quite heavily into this avenue, to support the thousand of new users, and now they have one of the best PT in the world).
  19. Fair enough. Still glad I don't live there.