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'09 Z750 and a sore butt

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by the_blacke, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    I love my new Z apart from one thing - the seat. It's fine at first, but after the first 30 - 60 seconds or so, the discomfort sets in a bit. Then a lot. Then some more.

    So, anyone got any recommendations with replacement seats?

  2. it's not the seat, it's you.

    have you ever seen how thai kickboxers are raised from childhood...they spend long hours every day standing in front of a palm tree and kicking the crap out of it with their shins... as a result they develop shin bones as hard as steel that can easilly crack the skulls of their opponents in the ring.

    the very same principle needs to be applied to your soft buttocks... you need to get yourself a ping pong paddle and spend at least two hours a day standing in front of a mirror slapping your bare bottom as hard as you can.

    trust me, all the pro riders do this
  3. Replacement ASS.

    Seargent is one brand, buy online from OS, or there are a number of aus custom seat makers..
  4. Simple. Forget this "harden up" machismo rubbish, get the seat re-uphosltered. You can keep the same profile, and just get better density foam, or get it re-profiled as well so you have a small 'lip' behind you and be better located in the seat for cornering and acceleration.

  5. Gold........
  6. stock seats generally are pretty average but theres plenty of auto trimmers around who do bike seats.
    heres a link to one of the bigger ones, have'nt used there services so cannot vouch for them, just and example

    definately a cheap mod worth doing, not only for comfort but even a minor increase or decrease in seat height can make a huge diference in making that bike fit you, because it alters the rider triangle to suit, triangle being pegs/seat/bars
  7. Let us know how you go, I have the Z750 on my short list and the seat was a concern as quite a few owners complain about it.
  8. Thanks for the link MONKEYMAN. I've been contempating on getting my seat adjusted to make it comfy on longer rides and those guys are literally around the corner from me so I have no excuse not to.
  9. Strange this butt thing...

    I find that I get on the bike and after about an hour, I start getting numb and sore...
    But after a stop, get back on and all is ok for probably a lot longer than the first hour..
    Another stop, then its almost gone for the rest of the day.
  10. Depending on how long you have had it I would suggest giving it a little while to see how you go. If you're a real light weight maybe dial down the preload on the rear shock.
    Or as others have said get the foam changed.
  11. My butt was getting sore but refused to go numb so I tried a gel seat, Airhawk, sheepskin, blow up rubber doll, and a combination of them and none worked very well. Best thing I did was re-shape the seat using different foam.

    Of course, if your butt's getting sore after 60 seconds I'd try the ping pong paddle as well. Getting someone else to do it increases the fun.
  12. The seat on my FZ6n is really uncomfortable on long rides so I bought an airhawk, it was a great investment but if you do go that route just remember you don't need a lot of air in it.