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09 Yamaha FZ6R / XJ6 Diversion

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattydals, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Such bikes haven't come to aus for several years. This as well as the other detuned, more upright sport tourers eg zzr600 were thought to be a very small market. The cbr600f is the main 600cc, i4 faired middleweight sports tourer left, but with the gsx600f coming to town.. who knows
  2. If it is, it'll be at the bike expo. Manufacturers tend to wait until then to show their hand in relation to what's coming in etc,.

    Nice looking bike. Like the low slung exhaust and in white.....very nice.
  3. You can't buy a new CBR600F anymore. They died in 05.
  4. yeah, i saw the white one as well and i thought it looked pretty good.
    hopefully with the suzuki gsx650f now on the market, they might bring it out for some competition.
  5. I think he means the CB600F or whatever they call it. They still sell it in the UK and some parts of Europe.

  6. I saw the XJ6S Diversion at the Sydney show and loved it!! Apparently it is coming March 2009. I have searched Yamaha Australia's website but there is still no information about it. I would love to take it for a test ride. I sat on it at the show and just loved the feel. Wonder what the ride would be like.

    Incidentally, I come off my restrictions in March...so it may have been 'written in the stars' that the XJ6S is being released in March as well :p
  7. did they mention which models were coming? I loved the look of the FZ6R alternative to the XJ6 diversion.

  8. So, it's April and I it might be time to resurrect this thread. XJ6S and XJ6N are now listed on Yamaha's website, there are some mainly positive reviews around... has anyone seen one in the flesh yet and how much are they?

    I'm curious how Yamaha are going to position them price-wise. I imagine they will compete against ER-6, GSX650F and Gladius as well as Yamaha's own FZ6 to some degree...
  9. Yamaha had a XJ6S at the Sydney Motor Show last year, and it looked good in a burgandy colour.

    There is an ABS version overseas which we aren't getting (due to price apparently) and this is the kind of bike which should also come out in a LAMS version if Yamaha has any sense.

    I'm also not sure if Yamaha will be running the FZ6 and XJ6 versions together. It doesn't make much sense to run similar types of bikes together.
  10. Cycle Torque flagged both models as coming here in the last month issue, but I can't find the magazine.
  11. It does seem a bit redundant and I won't be surprised if they pull the plug on FZ6 soon - its last incarnation didn't sell very well anyway. But for now, they do have both FZ6 and XJ6 and by 'they', I mean Yamaha Australia; both models are listed on their website. Unfortunately it doesn't quote recommended prices.
  12. I'm feeling unnaturally attracted to this bike. I think the resurrection of the classic XJ name has some powerful mojo over my being.

    It's a shame the power figures aren't really in the region of what I'd be wanting if I was going to buy a 600cc inline four.
  13. The power figure that attracts my attention is the one that shows XJ6 loses only less than 2 Nm of torque compared to FZ6, but reaches that peak 1,500 rpm before FZ6.
  14. I rode an XJ6 last week as a test ride thinking an FZ6 would be a valid choice for an upgrade from the ZZR250.

    It was quick enough - certainly went fast when I twisted the wrist, but it was DULL!! It was so quiet and civilised, theres was no ball-tearing roar when I accelerated away and corners just didnt have that flipping around fun that I have on the ZZR.

    Probably just me - but I got off the bike feeling very underwhelmed and couldnt wait to get back on the ZZR!

    Theres no doubt it was a well engineered bike, comfortable to sit on, easy to ride and in many ways a very *sensible* commuter choice - it juts didnt press my buttons!

    Go try one.... you never know *YOU* might like it.

    recommended prices were (if I remember rightly) as follows (excluding ORC):

    $11,500 FZ6S
    $10,500 FZ6N
    $9,999 XJ6
  15. ^^^^^ Probably because you weren't working it hard enough. All bikes
    seem civilised when you're tooling around slowly, but once you're
    used to them and can ride them harder, they get to be lots of fun.

    C'mon, you're not seriously telling me that FOUR TIMES the
    horsepower isn't fun!!
  16. Test rode the XJ6 as well , wouldn't call it DULL though. Agreed it is very quiet, didn't feel like it was going to rip you apart!, but very smooth and extremely easy to ride. It's actually a very fun, light and extremely easy to throw around with a good spread of torque. Also rode the FZ6, which IMO was less impressive, very buzzy below 8k, extremely hard seat, and a big clunker of a gear shifter.

    My problem is that I also test rode a Street Triple R! what can I say? :grin: you have to ride one to find out. Different price bracket though and for $10k the XJ6 I reckon is a winner.
  17. I believe the FZ-6R came out ~2 weeks ago.
    I WANT ONE!! ..I don't think it's possible to get a 2nd hand one for ~6k atm tho :/

  18. Saw a couple of FZ6R's at when I was looking around today. Not a bad looking bike in the flesh especially in black. Still the only thing I don't really like about them and the XJ6 is the rear peg mount is one piece with the main pegs & doesn't seem to be all that solid. It seems to flex a bit but I haven't looked at other brands of bike to see if it is just how that style is. Other than that should be a good upgrade for someone not wanting outright power and speed but just an easy riding bike.

  19. Try second gear on the FZ6 between 10,000 and 14,000 rpm, then hop back onto the ZZR and ride around the block. You'll want to jump off, push it to the ground, spit on it, and walk off. Only then can the healing begin.