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09 VTR250 aftermarket exaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Freeform, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Alright...I cant stand that pathetic little air compressor rattle anymore! WORST exaust sound ever created...
    If I can't get a fast bike, I want it to at least SOUND like a fast bike :)

    Sorry if the information is already posted, I did a couple of searches and couldn't find what I was after..

    Where can I get a nice sounding can in melbourne? something to bring out that v-twin growl.
    Is there any can manufacturers that are based in Melbourne that make cans for vtr250's and install for you?
    Contact details please,



    I want to make brrm brrrm noises
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  3. Oh yeah thats my video!
  4. Yeah I got in contact with them, but its syd and im melb :) Thanks anyway grox.
    Think Ill go for the megacycle exaust once I get cashed up again, just hope it doesnt affect the performance of my bike, which I doubt it would.
    People talk about rejetting the carbs, but mines EFI, so what does that mean I would have to tune, or would the efi take care of all of that automatically?
  5. I've ridden a VTR250 with a megacycle pipe on it a few times, and in all honesty, the noise gets boring quickly so make sure you have ear plugs with you always.
  6. I had a 2000 VTR250 with a Megacycle oval muffler. Got thumbs-up from a few pedestrians, so it can't have been all bad.

    Noticably louder than stock, naturally. Not really any louder than the normal wind noise at freeway speeds, though.

    ... you do wear earplugs for protection from deafening wind noise, right? Right?? :)

    Only real complaint with it is that the VTR250 revs around 7000rpm most of the time, so rather than rumbling around town it always sounds a little bit too "revvy". Not really a problem with the muffler as such. It's just less "wob - wob - wob" and more "wobwobwobwob".

    (Always wear earplugs, would have to be crazy, or deaf not to...)


    Not sure if it's typical or not for that bike/exhaust/helmet/ear combo, but could hear the exhaust fairly easily over the wind noise when I rode it....
  8. haha, Im sure it would get old fast but the factory exaust REALLY irritates me, sounds like wind blowing through a really small hole :)

    Earplugs will be bought with ze pipe me thinks, Ill post pics when its all done, bikes coming together nicely
  9. Have a look at some other pipes like Leo Vince, Micron or Moriwaki. They have more character, look nice and sound better.