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09 r1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gsxr movistar, Sep 9, 2008.

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  2. Just beat me to it.

    Looks to be the goods on paper.
  3. its nice isnt it.cant wait to see what suzuki will come up with.
  4. Interestingly, there are no power figures quoted anywhere. For all their previous releases, they had given a lot of emphasis on power and power to weight. Good to see this new development :) .
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  6. look at the ram air intakes,they're in the headlights!
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  8. Good to see a Japanese manufacturer finally being honest and quoting a fully wet weight.


    In comparison the fully wet weight of all comparable 2008 year litre bikes are:

    CBR1000RR => 201kg
    GSXR1000 => 212kg
    R1 => 211kg
    F4 312R => 219kg
    1098S => 203kg
    ZX10R => 211kg
    RC8 => 206kg
  9. I've been told (don't quote me on it) that they're not expecting much increase in top end power, but a lot more punch in the bottom and mid range.
  10. Looks good, the ast shape was hot, now this one even better. Good stuff Yamaha.

    C'mon Suzuki hurry up. I cant wait to see that thing at the Motorcycle show in November.
  11. Uggh, so not impressed.
  12. Yeh i was like that at first, same with the CBR1000RR but i started to like it. The R1 has a nice shorter tail section like the CBR too. Its time for a change, they have to do something different.

    The white with red frame is HOTT, and the yellow is pretty p0rn too.
  13. And I thought the 08 CBR1000 was Fugly…
    Those headlights are hideous.
  14. [​IMG]

    couldn't agree more mate.. those lights are repulsive.. makes the Blade look like a supermodel..

    but the theory behind the engine sounds very interesting.. looking forward to riding it..
  15. I'm a huge fan, especially that black with red highlights.
    Pretty horn.
  16. i think it looks awsome.
    suzuki is gonna have to pull out the big guns to retake the crown.
    did you hear the r1 when edwards started it? fcuk!
    i'll have this one!

  17. loving that whitre with the red frame for sure! although with the most people so far about the headlights. think they will grow on me. but not yet. can't wait to book a ride. although still a couple of years off an upgrade, i'm keen to start the feel of a bigger bike :)
  18. Id have to say Yamaha went backwards in the styling department on this one! Those headlights and that exhaust! what were they thinking?

    Every R1 up until this one has looked HOT.