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09 Ninja 250r .... LAMS starts this week though...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by SimmyD, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    First post so be nice :)

    I am doing my Qride this weekend and all looks good for me to pass and get my RE licence.

    I have my name down on a 09 Black Ninja 250r but i have just learnt about the LAMS starting in QLD.

    I am unsure now if i should go ahead with the ninja and get something a little bigger. i expect to get my R after a year and get a much more powerful bike.

    Real question is would the ninja do fine for my first year? If not can i get a few recommendations to look at?

    I am 90kg and 6"2' if that helps people recommend something.

  2. Cheapish small 2nd hand bike for your first and save the extra for your 2nd.
  3. Remember you are restricted based on power:weight. The real advantage of LAMS is that it allows you to choose a physically larger bike if you need to. If you are comfortable on the Ninja, then great, it's going to be a lighter bike than a 500-600cc, which means it's easier to manoeuvre at low speed and easier to pick up if you drop it.
  4. Being your height/weight look for something else cheap and a bit older and save your cash for a bigger bike ;) It will be a long year whatever you chose as you will probably be itching to get a bigger bike, so just save your money for that.
    I have a ninja 250 and dont regret buying it, but at 6' and ~85kg i feel a little cramped on it.

    Either way even a larger lams approved bike is not going to be ridiculously quick... hence why they are lams approved ;) But may make your year a little more comfortable.

    I guess also what type of bike are you after...? Do you want a fully faired bike, a naked etc and what you will be using it for?

    Also pop on over to the welcome lounge and introduce yourself ;)
  5. well the bike was going on finance and i have talked them down some because of the new LAMS stuff so it isnt so bad.

    Its more about the bike lasting me for the year.

    I have mates that would happily buy it off me (and by that stage that would probably pay off the finance).

    I think test drive will be the only way to see :)

    I am after a sporty looking bike :( i know i know but i want to like the look of the bike as well as enjoy riding it :) I have to have transport for work (IT Contractor) so i would prefer to get around on something nice and have the warrenty if that makes sense.

    *heads over to the welcome lounge* :p

    might get a real ninja after i get my R :D
  6. If you're happy with the ninja then get it. I did and i don't regret it, for your size you might find it a bit small. The others didn't name any other bikes so here goes;

    if you have the money something like the LAMS GSX650F and SV650 are awesome looking bikes and are full sized with a lot of torque and down low grunt that is "usable" on the streets. For a bit less $$$ you have the Hyosungs both 250 or 650 LAMS good looking but not known for reliability, at about the same price is a GS500 which isn't the same looks wise but is worth a mention. Then you are down to the ninja, it's a 250 but it has enough power to keep you happy, it is on larger side for a 250 and looks the goods. If i had the money i'd have a SV650 in my garage at the moment.
  7. except on the current list on the transport site in qld the suzuki gsx650f and the sv650 aren't on there anymore

  8. That makes is sound like they were on there and then changed there mind, doesn't make sense if thats true.
  9. Yeh they got taken off.

    Ninja sounds possibly too small for you. Might want to find something with a bigger V twin in it for the torque.

    Find something with a good resale since you wont be keeping it long :)
  10. I'm 6"2ish and ~89Kg naked :grin: & the Ninja is fine for me...I've had quite a few folks tell me that I should get a bigger bike/it's too small for me, TBH I'm really happy with the bike after ~6 weeks of ownership and almost 3k kms & I'm loving it. Try and sit on one if you can to set your mind at ease.