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09 Honda CB400 tyres

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bradr, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. My 09 Honda CB400 has original fitment Bridgestone BT50 tyres , i have 14,500kms on the clock , i've just replaced my front tyre with a Michelin Roadpilot 3 , the rear tyre however still has about 4-5 kms left in it yet , my question is , shouldn't the rear tyre wear out before the front ? , admitedly i've come from a Vespa 250 scooter which gets 28,000kms front but 8,000 kms rear tyre life , i had assumed that a bike which is ridden normally or probably in my case gently re cornering, speed etc would probably get 2 rear tyres to 1 front tyre ? , whats the general thought on this ? , the Bridgesone i took off was not worn abnormally or scholloped nor showed any sign of under/over inflation , it was just plain worn out , i'm not complaining about the 14,500km life , i'm just curious as to why its worn out way before the front ?.

  2. maybe you dont use a foot brake coming from a scooter or you've been doing burnouts
  3. Hmm , yeh that'll be it ,i'm probably thinking that the rear brake is on the l/h side and pulling the clutch in when coming up to a corner , i'm just trying to work out the burnouts though , i thought the 400 Honda was rear wheel drive , maybe i was mistaken ?, have you per chance got something intelligent to say as far as the front tyre wear ? , i thought i was asking a fair/reasonable question ?.
  4. Nah the CB400 is front wheel drive, that's probably why you're going through front tyres quicker. Next service ask about a RWD conversion and a indicator fluid top up.

    Seriously though maybe your tyre pressure is too low at the front? What are you running?
  5. I have been running 33psi , thats what the book says , the tyre didn't display any sign of being run under/over pressure , it was still a nice rounded tread area , the BT50F tyre is a strange looking tread pattern in that is a very narrow pattern compared with a BT023 Bridgestone or the Michelin i've just put on , as most of the CB400's around 09 ran the BT50's as original fitment i figured that others on the forum may have had similar experience with them , maybe i've got the wrong theory about the 1front tyre to 2 rear tyres as an average on bikes , can anybody clarify this ? .

    "indicator fluid top up " ??? lol