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09 gsxr600 k9

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by james.leo, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Does anyone own the same bike and find their windshield vibrates at 4500RPM? If so were you able to rectify the problem and if so how?????

  2. I ride a K9 750, and never had any problems with my screen vibrating. Stock/or my aftermarket one. Have you still got the stock screen on? All I can think of is loose screws/rubbers, or if its a aftermarket screen perhaps its just bad fitting?

    PS: Your avatar looks very familar! Your ride is in the new Rapid? ;)
  3. G'day

    Yeah it is stock. I have checked out www.gixxer.com and found a few threads on that site with many people having the same problem even with the 750. I have tightened the screws/rubbers but nothing. I even applied some double sided tape to elevate the screen from the plastic but nothing same noise, although when you hold the top of the screen it stops instantly and when I apply a firm push right at the bottom of the screen (at the point) and it stopped, anyway booking it in this week for its service will get them to fix it, although had some feedback about the service department of the dealership I bought it from and wasn't promising.

    Yeah thats me in the latest issue of Rapid, nice spotting =D>
  4. Hmmm, true. Like I said, personally I never have had any vibrating problems with my screen stock/or aftermarket. Could be the simplest of things and its just being overlooked.

    Where did you buy your gix from? If your unsure about the service department doing your servicing, then shop around... You dont have to take it back to where your brought it from for servicing, go with your heart. Its random I noticed it, I was reading through the latest Rapid over the weekend and that pic stood out to me being a gixxer owner myself... plus recognising the location of the pic, is that Palm Beach?
  5. I took the screen out and test rode up the street to make sure I wasnt going insane. Your a bastard for not having that vibration, come test ride my bike and hear it for yaself most annoying bloody sound, only happens at 4500RPM.

    I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for a Suzuki dealership with a service department, I guess where I was going to take it back to give ya a bit of a discount on the first service. Bought it from Western.

    Mad picture hey, where in Sydney you situated? Should get some action shots, still shots of the bike with wicked backgrounds :beer:
  6. You dont necessarily have to take it to a Suzuki dealership, or a "Authorised Suzuki" workshop... Just take it to where you're happy/whats easiest for you/what suits your wallet, theres not to many places for you to go on the north side anyway...

    Have you got the bike serviced yet?
    Im from Western Sydney (near Parramatta), are you going to the CTP protest/rally?
  7. Hey man, got the bike booked in but just found a local place who do warranty services on Suzuki pretty stoked about that.

    CTP protest, when is this happening?
  8. FWIW I got some buzz from my screen but doesn't faze me too much. Tightened the bolts and it reduced it to almost nothing. Maybe some vaso between screen and fairing would cure it?