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09 CBR600 Vs 11 CBR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Macca_Gong, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, Well I graduate from my P's to my unrestricted bike license today or tomorrow, And next week is new bike week, As much as I love my '11Cbr250, its not going to suit commuting 75kms up the freeway to work.

    So I have been searching bikes, I'm in a position where there are 2 CBR600s both brand spanking new, 0km's and never had fuel in the tanks sitting on showroom floors.

    One is an 09 CBR600 and the other is an 11 CBR600, I know there isn't too much difference between the two, but not what the exact differences are.

    Which would you go for?

    They are both ok priced for the year of them, And over the phone the dealer for the 09 said he can go lower than what he is currently asking for.

    The 2011 I was offered a price on it back in june, but said no as I wanted to pay $200 less for it, Its still sitting in the shop on the floor.

    So as the title states any know the differences between them?

  2. If you look for reviews for the 2010 and 2011 CBR they will tell you the differences.
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  3. consider the resale too
  4. Can I choose option c; none of the above?

    Sounds like you plan on riding it to work in Sydney every day. Just wondering why you think that a CBR600 is going to make a better commuter bike than your 250?
    Have you considered something other than a narrow focused sports bike if most of the time spent on it will be freeway commuting?
    Sorry to be the voice of reason, but I'm just sayin' your choice probably isn't going to suit the intended purpose you want to use it for!
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  5. The 250 is not a fun bike to ride on the freeway at 110, It get hammered by wind, its rpm is sitting over 7000 and it has no guts behind it.

    I looked at the sport 600ish bikes like the ninja 650, and nothing really tickled my fancy, and they were a little larger and heaver than the CBR600

    Im only a small block 169cm and 60kg.

    I did test ride the CBR600 on monday and it was really really nice, I didnt feel cramped I wasnt leaning over too much, but leaning forward and in a nice spot behind the screen which I wanted.

    I ended up getting a brand new, still in box CBR600RR for $13700 ride away I then paid a little more for a ventura rack and other tid bits
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  6. 75km each way is 37000km a year before any recreational riding. After 2 years the Cbr will be basically end of life, a vfr which is about the same price will last so much longer as its not so high strung.

    But its your money so.....
  7. I sat a sit on a VFR, and its way to large for me.

    And I own a car are well, The bike is not always ridden to work. I also don't work 9-5 like most people, I did 8000kms on my CBR250 in a year, So I expect the same sort of distance done on the 600.
  8. Well then you should wait for the new zx6 because its back to 636 and ninja > cibber
  9. Heheheh Kawa finally came back to its senses. Sorry to the ZX6R guys with 600cc engines..........but 636 ruleeess :p.

    Congrats on your new bike..........I agree that a VFR would be a better choice for commuting duties..........but a bike that puts a bigger smile on your dial would be more important. At the end of the day, its your bike and your enjoyment.
  10. Congrats......but I'm with VC.....

    V-power baby.........

    Whether it be Twin like my Ape (my preference) or 4 like the Viffer (but oh so lovely with uneven firing order :D )
  11. The CBR engine is a corker. Dont let them talk you out of it.