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'09 CBR125R owners (or prior owners) in here plz!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ezza, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if someone who owns or has already owned an 09 model cbr125r could tell me if it's normal to have only one light function for low beam (think it is the RH one) and when high beam is turned on it switches to the other (LH) light? (The parker in the middle is always on, no matter which headlight or low/high beam is operating).

    I thought there was a blown bulb or a fault but the bike shop guy looked at it and said there was only one wire going to each headlight (apparently, i didn't see it). Seems pretty half arsed, cheaped out and not something that Honda would do... But I guess they are pretty little bikes and cheap at that...

    So essentially there is only one light hard wired to be on during normal driving and then high beam, the other light is turned on and original low beam one if turned off...

    I would have thought they were both supposed to come on together at both low beam and high beam...looks stupid as it is and i would imagine it would make you a nice target for the cops with them thinking your driving around with only one headlight working...

  2. Oops sorry Im new and think I've put this in the wrong section. Sorry... :s

    Mods plz move if needed to technical section, I didn't see it before...
  3. Lots of bikes do that it is normal. My buell and my sachs both do it.

    Its because you can use a different cone shape reflector behind the bulb for the highbeam to throw the light further.
  4. Hmmm ok. Sure I've seen bigger bikes with both on but...

    Well at least mines not faulty! Even if it does look dumb... both lights on would have to make you be seen better too but never mind!
  5. Some big bikes run both with the same cone so they can run low beam in both sides and high beam in both sides.

    They don't perform as well because the reflectors aren't optimised but a lot of people are like you and don't like the look so sometimes the marketers win over the engineers and they put that in.

    You won't get pulled by the cops for it as bikes are only required to have one light on. You can't see it so don't worry about it.
  6. I thought all of the bikes with twin lights did this, there are mods about to run both at the same time though...
  7. Hey stigger, haven;t spoken to you in ages, hows Korider?

    Hmmm yeah dunno if I cna be arsed doing that, as good as it would look. This i'll just leave it. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a fault etc.
  8. Same old, got rid of that old GT250 then...
  9. Sure did, quite a few months back now. Just had my new bike (the cbr) picked up last night :)

    Much better suited we are! hehe.

    What have you got these days?
  10. I thought there was a blown bulb or a fault but the bike shop guy looked at it and said there was only one wire going to each headlight (apparently, i didn't see it). Seems pretty half arsed, cheaped out and not something that Honda would do... But I guess they are pretty little bikes and cheap at that...

    I would've thought the bike shop said that is correct without having to chase wires!
  11. You dont believe this bike was built in Japan do you?
    BTW its fairly common these days like others have said.
  12. Speedy1: I live in Mildura, we only have three bike shops here: suzuki (which I bought the bike from), Mildura Motorcycles (the big main one) and Honda/Harley.)

    Suzuki is the smallest, a little two bit place that grew out as a side-venture from Sunrise Ag and also covers mowers etc. It has only a few new road bikes, all suzuki and lots of dirt bikes, again pretty much all suzuki, a couple of second hand scooters and a couple of other second hand road bikes. They didn't even realise it was fuel injected! So not surprised about the lights...
  13. I dont know where it was built. I dont really care. It's a Honda. They don't usually do things by halves, or at least, their repuation is well known as being one of the best brands so that should speak for itself. Anyway, can't be worse that the Hyosung I last had, haha.
  14. Just to confirm - I used to have a CBR125 and it definitely only has one light on at a time.
  15. I'd be taking my bike elsewhere if I was you.
  16. Im not taking it back there, it will be serviced at Honda, seeing as we have a Honda shop here and it's also closer than the Suzuki store :)

    Thats just where it happened to have been traded, I think it came from the Honda shop anyway, I'd been eyeing a tricolour one there for months a while back, then it disappeared (obv sold...) and now they have a red one. Then this one turned up at the Suzuki place (cause the original owner traded it on a Suzuki GSX600F) so pretty sure its the same one Honda had brand new there earlier on.

    If that weren't enough to put me off anyway, the woman didn't have anything done (transfer papers etc) even though I called hours in advance to let her know we'd be picking it up that night. And as it was I had to go back today with the serial # from the rego sticker cause she hadn't filled all the form out and then I ended up filling out most of their bit of the form too, cause she didn't seem to get it... took 1/2hr! I could have had it done in 5 mins. In fact, if it was my shop, it would have all been organised and ready for the buyer before they even turned up.

    And to top it off, i checked the fuel last night once my stepdad had ridden it home and it's on empty. They'd driven it to the RWC place and back, you think they could have put a tank of fuel in it, woulda cost them $15.00 at most. You tend to notice the little things... :s Never mind its home now :D
  17. Whenever I buy a vehicle I tell them to make sure it has a full tank or they can go forth and fornicate.
  18. Thanks Zenali :)

    Yeah I've had a look at some more pics and they are all the same, just thought it was odd, had never noticed it before (or with any other bikes).

    Good to know :)
  19. Haha well I should have done that too! But you live and learn, it's the first time I've bought a bike form a dealer and second time only I've ever bought a bike and never bothered asking with cars (or noticed for that matter) just bought them as is. The Hyo I bought wasnt even running initally but that had no fuel it in either and didn't matter anyway seeing as it wasn't going. We would have just chucked it anyway when we got he tank painted.
  20. My Kawa does the one light thing, and I've seen it on gixxers and R1/6's. I do have two 'parker lights' on either side that are on all the time though.