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'09 Blade versus '09 R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Roarin, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Looky here Any bike that makes another litre bike feel like a 600 grunt wise has to be something special :cool: Enjoy :)

  2. and its not a honda... :p

    but still not sure about the looks
  3. R1 = Aural Pornography
  4. Still has those fugly underseat pipes, no thanks..........
  5. Interesting. I don't think either bike is that pretty, not as pretty as the 2006 cbr1000rr.

    But interesting that they now reckon the R1 has v-twin like low-end grunt. Man that must be a heck of a lot of fun in low gears at low speeds. Power wheelies galore.
  6. Lucky the 06 Gixxer thou wasn't there, it woulda wiped the floor with em!
  7. I think that anyone who could really ride either bike to the point of being able to definitively say one is better than the other ought to be residing in a national or international race category.

    For the rest of us, it is only to do with how the bike makes us feel in its looks and when riding.
  8. i agree TM!

    wonder if honda will release a new bike for 2010 to raise the bar again? or if they will still continue with the current model for another year!....

    i really want a honda but the looks are abit avg... and the R1 just looks crazy!... especially in white in red.... think that could be on the cards next yr if honda doesn't change their bike!
  9. That R1 sounds unreal!

    Its amazing how just when you think modern day bikes can't get any better, the manufacturer's continue year after year to improve.
  10. Which one laps faster? :)
  11. The one with the faster rider on it.
  12. wake up mate.. wake up.. I think you are day dreaming :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Bingo.

    For the OP as a buyer, go for whichever you like the most. The rest is just numbers, and you'll never push the bike to 100%.
  14. hmmm he reckons the new R1 will be quicker than a busa

    yay for

  15. More grunty than the fireblade?! Wow...
  16. Mate?!!! So you think so lol
  17. i just love this post, yeah hope the OP takes this advice :LOL:
  18. Yeah that response is a bit old - new concept for you all then, what about with the same rider(s)?
  19. The bike that suits that particular rider's style better &/or makes them feel most comfortable.

    The rider maywell lap whatever course you're looking at faster on an 848, despite it being well down on power.
  20. +1 :grin: