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09 Black and Gold R6

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DLeong, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    I'm new to the riding scene. Looking for some riding buddy and someone to show me the ropes on the twisties!
  2. Hey dude
    how much experience do you have?
    what do you want from the ride?
    are you hot?
  3. I'm rather new on the sport bike.
    Tips on how to improve will be good on the ride.
    Wait a min, what do you mean by am i hot?
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  4. :)

    Welcome to NR...

    Don't worry about uncle Greg

    Come on down to the Saturday practice some time. Uncle Greg leads learner rides at times so will be a good experience for you...

    All the best.
  5. its ok I am hot
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  6. Maybe it's time to change the name to Hot Uncle Greg ...

  7. oh don't say that some mod will
    and I wont be able to avoid all the stalkers
  8. You sure will! See you there!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be there!

    You sure are.

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
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  9. Sigh.... DLeongDLeong as I said, welcome to Nutrider. I highly recommend Uncle GregUncle Greg 's 'loiner' friendly rides. Nothing like it to put a smile on your dial.
  10. good on you mate
    looking forward to meet you
  11. Damn auto correct
    I meant meat
  12. Oh, why sigh? did i say anything wrong?

    I've 'watched' the thread so i can be updated for any upcoming ride! Cheers ^^
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  13. will be Saturday
    unless it pisses down
  14. No, I was just making reference to your unusual intro to NR by Uncle....:D
  15. Every saturday! AWESOME! I'm just on Wellington Rd!
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  16. It was indeed unusual but it was great! Great way to break the ice! LOL!
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  17. G'day DLeongDLeong and welcome to the forum. :]

    Uncle Greg never asked me if I was hot when joined NR earlier this year... :cry:
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  18. just an over sight my dear
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