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09 1100s Monster

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Whitie, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    After realizing that an RC8 isnt a good idea to have as a daily in Melbourne traffic ](*,), Ive come to peace with my new Monster.

    Working on a new clutch cover... Whitie is back on a white bike again. :beer:

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  2. Looks ready to rock and roll Whitie.
  3. Very nice, although I do prefer the RC8 you had (my commute is fairly open and twisty, much more suited). The 1100 Monster is certainly up on my 'like to own' list of bikes.
  4. Nice new bike, when I saw the RC8R thread I was almost going to post up tongue in cheek - "Yes that will be great for the track only" lol, didnt know you'd agree with me so quickly
  5. Very cool.
  6. Have you changed the front sprocket yet?
  7. Beautiful bike, I do love the Monsters (hence why I bought an older one!) Did you look at the Streetfighter? Having had the pleasure of riding both, the Monster is a great bike but the Streetfighter is much quicker and more agile.
  8. Rely nice loved those things since the 1st time i seen one .

    The monster pulled up with a tiger,I was fueling my old 1980 gsx and said , i`ll ride with you guys. They looked at each other and tried not to laugh at me.Said if you can keep up

    They left back wheel , I followed suit.Next set of lights ,Approaching the next set of light`s ,We dropped front wheels and were behind a cop car .They looked at me like man what are you doing here , I did not have time to tell them it was worked stupid with katana bits ,And that was the 1st time i been out run in along time.

    We were just waiting to get pulled over for douchebaggery .
  9. Wow, you certainly are going through bikes Whitie :-k The Monster does look the biz though. Another one day bike for me..one day I'll ride a Ducati..
  10. Great choice, especially the colour :D
  11. hehe yes Four40, I have changed a couple of times.. I see it as a relationship type of deal.. If we don't get along well so be it, onwards and upwards :)

    I haven't changed any sprockets but I've read they the front wheel becomes very very light...

    The RC8 was great fun BUT didn't like going slow. The big thing I've noticed with the Monster is the lo red line.. With the RC8 there was always heaps more throttle you could twist hard before hitting the limiter... A number of times on the Monster I've gone for more gas and all the was left was the rev limiter and next gear, but I'm getting used to the extra shift..

    So it has full Termi system, ECU and Filter so there a little more poke there than stock and it has a great note. Ive also taken the gasket off the clutch cover and spaced it out with the 4mm sleeves just to let a little of that "Clack and Jingle" clutch sound escape. Done 5000k

    Ive also found out that its nice to lose a little power to get some ride-ability back.. I did look at a Street fighter but then I was starting to go back towards a "race" engine and I wasn't a fan of the servicing cost..

    The 1100 EVO is very nice, however if I was to get that, then I wouldn't be able to afford to change anything, so I got this one that has some $$$ already spent on it...
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  12. Nice bike mate, love them in white :D
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  14. Awesome bike there. (y)

    Congrats on the purchase.
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