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08' z750 - In time for spring!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Rocco, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all! First post here! After owning a Suzuki Across for ~2 years, I thought it was time to move on to something bigger. A stock 2008 Kawa z750 :D . I test rode one from a dealer before buying this and was blown away with all aspects of the bike. netrider looks like a great community for all types of riders and hope to contribute to some discussions.



  2. Welcome, and nice bike. Whereabouts you from?
  3. Welcome to the "club" mate!That's at least the 3rd black Z750 in the last 2 months here, counting mine an ajiribarren's -although both are being fixed at the moment-.
    I'm sue you are going to enjoy the new toy.
    I know it's early still but any mods in mind?
  4. Enjoy Rocco! great bikes, awesome grunt
  5. Welcome mate, looks nice!
  6. Thanks all for the warm welcomes!

    Hey Spex, I'm living in Waterloo currently. It's a whole .... 5km to work but I guess that leaves the weekends for a good ride =]

    Hi NOT4US, a couple in mind... I don't know whether to get rid of the rear mudguard/plate holder to look sometime like: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3208/2788191551_f9ef0aedb3.jpg

    Would like a different exhaust (no idea where to start and what to look for)

    Will probably get some more ideas, but for now, I'm just learning all aspects of the bike.

    OH! Mine didn't come with an owners manual and I don't know how to change the time on the clock, would any of you guys happen to know how to change this??! Thanks in advance!
  7. Nice bike, I have the 09 green/black model and love it.

    Now to change the time on the clock doe the following.
    Straight from the manual.

    To adjust hours and minutes.

    * Turn ignition key on
    * Push the mode button to display the odometer.
    * Push the reset button for more than two seconds. Both the hour and minute displays start to flash.
    * Push the reset button. The hour display only flashes. Push the mode button to advance the hours.
    * Push the reset button. The hour display stops flashing and the minute display starts flashing. Push the mode button to advance the minutes.
    * Push the reset button. Both the hour and minute displays start flashing again.
    *Push the mode button. The displays stop flashing and the clock starts working.

    Straight from the manual so it should be right.

    PM your email if you want the service manual as I have it on PDF
  8. Thanks OscarA - Champion! Will check it out after work.
  9. Hi Rocco

    Email sent, let me know if you have any problems.

    PM sent
  10. This might come in handy.
  11. G'day Mate, I've had the exact same bike and they're alot of fun. Enjoy!
  12. Got myself an 09 Z1000 for the road great touring bike's the Zeddy's the suspension and steering need a bit of work....I put a ZX14 shock in the rear of mine and mad a huge difference....You can put some ZX10 shock's in the 750 and will make a huge improvement to the handling.....Also you can put ZX6 fork's straight into your bike as the 750 has 1 dead leg which is freaking stupid IMO....Other than that I love mine on the road and doe's great mono's ;)
  13. Congrats Rocco, I just picked mine up today... exactly the same as yours, colour and all! Enjoy mate, I have been all day :)
  14. Discocbr, I'll add that as a "nice to have" on my upgrades list :D
    Back at you Seedy.
  15. Hey Rocco,

    I've bought a 2008 Z750 two weeks ago and love it. Mine is wildfire orange. I love the smooth handling of the bike.

    Mine already had the mud guard and lower number plate removed. Makes quite a difference to the looks. How do you find the mirrors? Wouldn't mind getting some that stick out a little bit more.

    Enjoy the ride!
  16. Nice bike man. I love these. oww yeah.
  17. Hey Garido! the orange looks v. nice! congrats. re: mirrors, about 30% of them are my arms. cant really see directly behind, only in other lanes :p